Sheryl and Trevor's Birthday Celebration Proposal

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How We Met: I met Trevor nearly seven years ago at our church. At the time our college group was going through a serious study on theology, and every Sunday night (our scheduled meeting time) we would all get together and talk about deep truths and somewhat confusing topics. Both of us love to learn and read, so from the start we hit it off—but only as friends.

A few years into our friendship, however, Trevor started seeing more in me than a friend, and one destined Sunday night we both decided to ditch out on college group and go read (I had a ton of poetry excerpts and boring biographical things to read for my literature class). Doesn’t sound too exciting, but this was the first time we had hung out one-on-one, and it was pretty sporadic (I like to say that he followed me there, he thinks I invited him). We ended up not reading at all. Instead we talked the entire three hours about our walk with God, our thoughts on relationships, and our deep ponderings on things of the Bible, and also some other authors and philosophers. Basically, we got to know each other really well…and we both really enjoyed it. For Trevor this was exciting and new; for me, it was a bit scary and unknown.

Without going into too much detail, it took me a while to become comfortable with the idea of dating one of my best friends (he is also a good friend to all four of my siblings), but I did after a few months. That was three years ago. Our time of dating has been what some would call super low-key—and it was. But I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Since that time Trevor has grown into an amazing man and has likewise taught me to grow into a woman whose sole desire is to seek God and enjoy him forever. I am truly blessed to have found my beloved in a man who seeks to grow in the love of Christ.

how they asked: So the day came as a bit of surprise to me. Well, sort of. He proposed on June 7th, two days after my birthday. That day I was also coming home from an overnight trip to Catalina Island. For a few months leading up to the proposal I thought he might ask for my birthday, but I also thought that someone would give it away. I kept my eyes and ears open the week of my birthday, depending solely on my intuition and other people’s slip-ups to discover his plan. I even asked my sister probing questions, but she did a good job at keeping it secret. So needless to say, by the 7th I was convinced he wasn’t going to propose (though I did know that he was going to take me out that night to celebrate my birthday). I got home at around three in the afternoon thinking that the plan was to go to the beach and do Bible study and then get food.

We got to the beach and camped out on a spot to do our study. He told me he wanted us to go through Psalm 119 and pray after each stanza for our hearts and each other. The time was so sweet and encouraging, and just before sunset we got up to walk to the trail that led back to the car. I kept asking him, “why can’t we just cross the rail-road tracks? It’ll be faster,” not getting the hint from his, “no…I don’t think we should,” that he had something planned.

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Upon reaching a spot tucked under the railway tracks, and after me asking him one more time if we could cross them, he dropped his things to point out a certain spot and said, “so that’s for us.” I turned around and saw, at the bottom of a short flight of sandy stairs, a small hand-built wooden gazebo covered with white linens, purple flowers, and candles.

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Having based my expectations on my intuition and other people, and being obviously wrong, I was stunned and surprised all that the same time. He had a sweet speech prepared, that he confessed to forgetting, and so he spoke from his heart’s honesty about his love and devotion to me. He took from his pocket a ring wrapped in foil and asked me to be his bride. Inside I was excited and joyful, but still a little shocked, and once I said yes and we were finished hugging, he led me down the stairs, which were lined with flowers, to greet a few friends: our best friend Lindsey, the photographer, was taking amazing photos of everything; our dear friend Jeff, the gourmet chef, who was there cooking a seriously good steak dinner for us; his wife Angela, who served us our food and wine; and Trevor’s sister Kim, who helped decorate.

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We ate as the moon rose over the ocean (my favorite thing) and the clouds cleared. Then we walked down to the water and just took in the moment. The night ended with meeting our friends and family for more dessert and congratulations. It was all wonderful.

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