Sherry and Sharif

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How We Met

Sherry and I met in the first year of our MBA program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. We were both attending part time and taking our classes online as she lived in Florida and I lived in Pittsburgh.

On Our first day, there were about 50 of us seated in a classroom together for the first time. Some people had met before and were chatting with each other. Others were sitting quietly, waiting for the day’s proceedings to begin. We were all instructed to stand up one at a time and introduce ourselves. I remember seeing her for the first time, stand up and introduce herself. I wish I could say that one look was all it took to fall in love with each other, instead it crept up on us over the next year.

We were both unavailable when we met, both in long term relationships that looked like they were going to end up as separate stories on this site. It might be because of this fact rather than in spite of it that love sn uck up on us.

This all changed one fateful October day, a year later, when we met up again for one of our school trips and found out that we had both become “available” in the time we had last seen each other. I could barely contain my excitement and tried very hard not to rush into something new. I knew we both needed time to grieve and process the last relationship we were in. However, we were just so unbelievably drawn to each other we could not hold back.

Within a week we were planning our flights back and forth so we could visit each other on the weekends. Three weeks after our weekend in October we met up for a long weekend in Toronto. This turned out to be another fateful encounter for us. By the end of our trip, we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Toronto also sparked the beginning of our world travels and a few weeks later we decided to spend New Year’s Eve together in London and Paris.

how they asked

I had been in Asia for about 6 weeks on a study abroad program and we decided before I left that we would meet up together on the magical island of Bali. Even though I was on the adventure of a lifetime I was still counting down the days until we would be together again. Maybe I was just so excited by what I knew was going to happen in just a few short weeks.

The day finally came and we were together again, we couldn’t wait to get back to out of the airport and to the villa we had rented for the week.

The next day we woke up early to a beautiful sunny day in paradise. We spent the day exploring the beaches and various hotel pools and bars, swimming and finally being able to enjoy each others company. After a day spent poolside, we walked down to the beach and had dinner on the shore while the sun set around us, the sky painted crimson and orange as daylight gave way to moonlight.

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After dinner, we took a walk along the beach, not ready to have such a wonderful day end. We sat down on the sand to watch the moonlight and began talking and cuddling under the stars. I was so nervous that she was going to feel the ring in my pocket as she cuddled up to me in the sand. I managed to sneak the ring out of my pocket and I pivoted to one knee. I began to tell her how much she meant to me as she had grabbed my face with both hands and gazed at me with tear filled eyes. Then I asked the easiest question of my like “will you marry me?”

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We celebrated our engagement with a glass of champagne at a nearby hotel overlooking the ocean and later walked along the beach and sent a wish lantern into the night sky. The next 6 days were spent as a newly engaged couple, exploring and experiencing all the wonderful things Bali had to offer. Now we are planning our wedding in Lake Como, Italy and trying to live from one dream to the next.

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