Sherry and Kevin

Proposal Ideas Lightship 93 London

How We Met

Six years ago, we were budding extras on set for X-factor Star Lucy Spraggans music video & now on that exact same boat, we’re becoming husband and wife.

How They Asked

Kevin had told me that we were staying at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel along the river in London. After being told we were too early to check-in, we decided to go for a walk. Turns out the awesome receptionist was in on it all.

Sherry and Kevin's Engagement in Lightship 93 London

We took a walk along the river when I yelled “Kev that’s the boat, that’s the boat we met on”, Kev played it cool and asked, “are you sure, let’s take a look”.

Convinced, I started getting the YouTube video up on my phone and excitedly squeaked “it is, it is”. Kev had previously told me that it no longer existed so I was super excited to have ‘found it’.

We got closer and Kev managed to get through the gates, I protested that I wasn’t getting on because I didn’t want to trespass and get arrested. Kev kept telling me “it’s fine, come and have a look”.

I stood on the ramp looking at the boat and the gate, contemplating my exit when I finally decided to go on.

Hearing Kev downstairs, I was greeted with a letter and all of our first conversations about meeting for that ‘music video’, as I walked down I heard Lucy Spraggans ‘Lighthouse’ playing and saw all of the lights, balloons, and petals accompanied with a chair for each of our anniversaries. Kev walked me round years 1-5 and then said “for year six, I wanted to ask you to marry me.”

Our Video