Sherry and Jonathan

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How We Met

Sherry and I met back home in California through a group of mutual friends. She was working out in Hawaii at the time and had come back home for a visit. Through our time together, I knew that Hawaii always held a special place in her heart, especially this particular beach in Kailua. When the time came to ask her to marry me, I knew exactly where I would ask her.

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how they asked

I had spent weeks going through the plan and how I would propose to her. We would rent a kayak and paddle out to the Mokulua Islands just off Lanikai Beach in Kailua after I proposed to her. Everything was perfect. But as the day came, my nerves caught up with me. We unloaded the kayak from the car and carried it down to the beach. We packed up the kayak and started to paddle off. I was so excited that I forgot to actually ask her the big question. In the heat of the moment, I got a little flustered, told her that I forgot something on the beach and turned around. I am pretty sure that she knew something was up, because we had packed everything in the kayak and the beach was completely empty. Nonetheless we returned to the beach, where I dropped to one knee and proposed to her.

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We were so blessed to have had this all captured on camera. It is a funny story that we continue to tell to this day and still cherish the photos.

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