Sherry and John

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How We Met

We met many years ago when we were both silly kids in 8th grade. Fast forward to junior year of high school when our friendship blossomed into something more. While licking envelopes and planning fundraisers for “Make a Wish Foundation.” We learned how different we were and how interesting and charming the other person was. Each day after 2 hours of talking while volunteering, we would speak on the phone til the wee hours of the morning; until Sherry said 10 words in mandarin. At 2 am, while sharing secrets, Sherry was too embarrassed to tell; but cleverly she spoke, “想你问我当你的女朋友”。 I couldn’t speak Chinese, but I memorized the sounds of the words and after a week was able to translate, “I want you to ask me to be your girlfriend.”From that point on, we have been inseparable, from countless dates, to attending college, to the real test- Medical school for John, and now residency we knew we would be together forever.

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how they asked

After 12 years together, on June 10th, 2016 John devised an elaborate plan and he enlisted the help of Mama Chen, Tony (Sherry’s Brother), and Bryan Judan (Groomsmen and Photographer). – 3 months prior to the proposal: John and I book a trip to Croatia and after booking the trip. John informs me that he has a conference in Washington DC two days prior to leaving but that he promises that he will be back the morning of the flight. I say okay but secretly a little nervous :) – 1 month prior to the proposal: Tony mentions to me that he had hurt his nose while playing basketball and that he needs to go to see a doctor at Mt. Sinai on June 10th. He said that Mama Chen was going to accompany him and that we should all have lunch together.

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For all those who know me, I am the PLANNER first hint should have been that my brother suggested the restaurant. Nevertheless, I let him pick and I didn’t think much about it. June 10, 2016: John “left” for Washington DC two days ago (he was at his mom’s house the whole time!). The night before the proposal, John has his fellow resident text me and say that his phone has died and that he will speak to me in the morning. The next morning, John texts, “It’s a beautiful day today. Dress to impress” (second hint). I don’t respond to the text because I’m getting ready for work and then I receive a call from John and he says that he is very nervous because he is going on stage to “present” soon and he is wearing a purple dress shirt.

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He then follows up and asks me what I’m wearing (third hint), I say a black and white dress. Again, not thinking at all about what is about to happen but now thinking back on that day… I should have seen it coming! Lunch time comes, Tony and Mama Chen call an Uber and kidnaps me to the Cloisters for “lunch.” Tony leads the way and walks me to an area that John had picked out and had Bryan hidden away to capture all the ugly/happy tearful moments.

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The moment I saw John standing there with Roses and Balloons, I knew that I would get my happily ever after and some days it still feels like a dream! We’ve traveled to so many places and experienced so many things during our 12 years together, a journey we are so thankful for. We can’t wait to celebrate our wedding in June with all of our favorite people!

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