Sherry and Christopher

Image 1 of Sherry and Christopher

How We Met

I went to college in Maryland with a girl who was his good childhood friend. Through out my four years at school, I would always hear about her friend back in NJ named Chris. He seemed like a guy who was not interested in holding a relationship and to my surprise he thought of me as one of those girls who was too good to be in just any one. When we both graduated and I moved back to New Jersey,I get a poke on Facebook from no other than, Christopher Balassone. When we finally met on our first date we instantly connected. Since then we have been inseparable!

how they asked

He asked me to be his wife while vacationing in Orlando. It was our second time back together and he asked me to marry him outside by the water of the Portofino Bay Hotel. It was beautiful because the hotel assimilates the Portofino In Italy. In the background their was an Opera singer singing in Italian for the guests who stay at the hotel to view. I could not ask for a more perfect moment.

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After he proposed, he had a hired a photographer for a full hour to do a photo shoot of us while we laughed, cried, and kiss. It was all really exciting and beautiful.

Image 3 of Sherry and Christopher

After the shoot, we ate at mama della’s restaurant where they greeted us with flowers, champagne, and strawberries!

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Special Thanks

Jacob and Dannie
 | photographer