Sherry and Chris

Image 1 of Sherry and Chris

How We Met

I went to college in Maryland with his childhood friend. Through out my four years away at school, I would always hear about my girlfriend’s friend Chris but never thought too much past it besides that I thought he was cute. He seemed like a guy who was not interested in holding a relationship and to my surprise he thought of me as one of those girls who thought I was too good to be in one. When I graduated and moved back to New Jersey (the same state he is from as well). I get a poke on facebook from no other than, Christopher Balassone. When we finally met, we instantly connected. We had dinner and bonded over our liking for sushi and traveling.
Since then we have been inseparable.

how they asked

Chris and I share the love and magic of Disney. Therefore he asked me to be his wife on our second trip back together. He proposed on our first night outside the restaurant of our favorite Italian Restaurant. It is called Mama Dellas at the Loews Portifino hotel. He had hired a photographer to capture the moment and it was nothing but beautiful.

Image 2 of Sherry and Chris

Image 3 of Sherry and Chris

Special Thanks

Jacob and Dannie
 | photographer
Brenda Buck
 | restaurant host