Sherry and Aaron

We were going on vacation to visit my family in Oregon and I had this feeling that he was going to propose, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I just put it out of my mind. There is an area in Oregon called Multnomah Falls that I absolutely love. It is so peaceful and if you can endure the hike, the top of the falls is amazing. So, we decided to go there Sunday afternoon once my brother got off of work. My mom informed me earlier that day my brother and my cousin were going to meet us out there. On our way to Multnomah Falls Aaron started getting quieter and quieter the closer we got. Then, when we got out of the car he grabbed my hand and kissed me and told me he loved me about 50 times. I just thought he was in a really good mood. My brother and his girlfriend were waiting for us in the parking lot and I asked my brother were Jordyn (my cousin) was. He stumbled and said, “Oh ahhh she will be here later”. I was like later? So we started walking towards the bottom of the falls and Aaron asked my mom to take a picture of us. We take a picture then Aaron told me to stay standing right there. Then he gets down on one knee and I look up and on a bridge in the middle of the falls and my cousin and her boyfriend are standing there holding a GIANT sign that says, “Will you marry me?”.

Image 1 of Sherry and Aaron

I instantly started crying. Then… Aaron opened up the box he was holding in his hand. Once I saw the ring, the water works really started. He told me I was the best thing that has ever happened to him and he wanted to be with me forever and if I would marry him. Short, sweet, and the most perfect words for the moment. Of course I said yes! With a ring that beautiful and words that sweet what girl wouldn’t! So now almost eight years after meeting and four years since we started dating we are starting to plan our wedding and I can’t believe I am so lucky to spend my life with a man that puts me before himself in every way.

Image 2 of Sherry and Aaron