Sherrilyn and Jeffrey

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How We Met

Jeffrey & I met each other in 2011 in High School when I was a junior and he was a senior. We were in the same math class and met each other through a mutual friend. When I first met him, I had no idea that he would become such a huge part of my life. Every day I came into class, my cell phone would go missing & I knew exactly who had it- Jeff! Through innocent flirtation, our daily texts and chats, and me helping him with math projects we became very good friends. He tells me all the time that if we weren’t “hung up on other people at the time” that he totally would’ve taken me to prom. Fast forward to the summer before I started college, I randomly got a Facebook comment of a picture of me in a bikini from Jeff… he said “hottie” on a picture that my mom posted of me & tagged me in… Can you say awkward? After that, we started talking again and went on a few dates. We became inseparable & even went away to the same university!

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how they asked

Jeffrey proposed to me on New Year’s Eve in our home. Since I ruined his Plan A by snooping (proposal in Europe), and his Plan B by canceling plans to see my friend for a few hours on NYE, he had to resort to Plan C. I was upstairs doing my makeup when I heard Jeff call out to me “Babe can you come down here for a sec?” he said. As I began walking down the stairs I was so confused because all the lights in the house were off. As I kept walking I noticed candles and rose petals along the steps and I was greeted by my handsome man on one knee. He asked me (very quietly) if I would marry him… and I obviously said yes! Following the proposal, I was greeted by my boyfriend’s parents, and soon after my family and best friend made an appearance. Everyone that I loved was in one room & my heart was so full! The very next day we went on our long-awaited trip to Europe, we called it our EngagementMoon. While in Barcelona, we got our engagement photos taken!

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