Sherrie and Jarod

Sherrie's Proposal in New Year’s Eve Luna park Sydney

How We Met

Jarod and I met when we were 16 years old on the bus to school. We didn’t go to the same school, but we both “sort of” knew each other through mutual friends. It wasn’t until one of our friends had a party where we would actually start talking to each other. That night after spending the entire night eyeing off each other and talking, Jarod asked if he could kiss me – *internally freaking out* I replied “ummm no, sorry” but negotiated a kiss on the cheek. After that night Jarod continued to pursue and we began sitting closer and closer together on the bus until Jarod finally made the move to sit next to me. Every morning he would catch my bus – an extra 30 minute trip for him to school just so he could walk me to the gate to drop me off where we finally had our first real kiss *fireworks* we have since got a chichi fur baby, built a house and are now planning the dreamiest wedding ever!!!!

Where to Propose in New Year’s Eve Luna park Sydney

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New Year’s Eve Luna park Sydney

Proposal Ideas New Year’s Eve Luna park Sydney

how they asked

We had been dating for 6 years and for every one of those six years I had always asked Jarod to take me to see the fire works in Sydney on New Years Eve- my number 1 bucket list goal. Every year he would reply with the same old phase “next year babe.” Until finally I cracked him! He told me we could use his families apartment in darling harbour for the week and that he had tickets for 2 to see the fire works at Luna park – which would soon prove the perfect vantage point! That day he took me out shopping to pick a dress to wear as he told me we had to go all out! Once we were finished getting ready we walked down the hall and got in the elevator. Jarod quickly turned around and started running back to the room saying he “forgot his wallet” I didn’t think any of this was out of character for Jarod he was always forgetting things! Little did I know he was attempting to hide a ring box in his jeans and fill our apartment with rose petals, candles and champagne! When we finally got to Luna park we spent the night going on a few rides and making some wonderful memories. That night was already going to be a special one to remember as one of the girls I went to uni with was unknowingly going to get engaged to! I remember numerous times turning to Jarod and saying “I wonder if Ellen is engaged yet” or “I wonder how they asked!” Jarod was probably about to kill me but in hind sight I think it totally distracted me from any suspicion that I was going to get engaged too! At around 10pm Jarod upgraded our tickets to a VIP spot to view the fireworks – little did I know his idea of proposing on the Ferris wheel went up in flames as we had to share the carriage with another couple! we spent the lead up to the new year reminiscing of the things we had achieved so far as a couple and what was yet to come. Just before midnight – while everyone was waiting and watching for the fireworks Jarod turned around the the family we had been talking to that night behind us and asked them to take a photo of us together. There we were posing for a photo, when Jarod suddenly turns to me and starts saying all these lovely thing – I think I must have tuned out in complete shock because I cannot remember for the life of me what he said – all I could think of was I needed to sit down!!!! As he got down on one knee I felt so overcome with happiness I just couldn’t speak. As he said my full name, before he had even asked if I would marry him I was squealing YES YES YES. Afterwards we headed back to our apartment and was greeted with the most romantic display of roses and candles! He then played our engagement video he got filmed *total brownie points ++++* it was honestly the best night of my life, I can’t even remember seeing the fireworks, I was just staring at my ring, then him, then back to my ring the whole time! I joke with him that he has to take me again so I can watch them without distraction this year!

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