Sherrie and Adam

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How We Met

Hoff and I met on the May 2-4 long weekend in 2015. Both single at the time and in Muskoka. I decided to pack my bags and stay with my friends Jenny and Jay who I met at school (Tyndale) and their two little girls. Little did I know I’d be meeting a very handsome man that weekend, whose family also had a cottage up there… Jenny and Jay planned to have a big party on the Saturday night, inviting all their Muskoka friends! They told me it would mainly be couples and kids but that was about it. Oh, and that there would be one single guy. Great I thought, I’ll be stuck talking to this guy the whole night. Meanwhile, Mr. Hoffman was dragged to the party by his friends Shan and Jesse. He was reluctant to even come at all.

Anyhow, we met and shook hands in their kitchen and ended up chatting for the rest of the evening. We hit it off and spent the night enjoying tequila and laughing under the stars. The night consisted of us pretty much ripping on each other as much as possible. It was mean but it was our way of flirting I guess (so romantic). We sat on the dock until the wee hours of morning and Hoff even spilt a glass of red wine. (I’m almost certain it wasn’t me) It was a fun night but I figured I’ll never see this dude again. The next day when I woke up I walked down to the dock to catch some rays when I noticed a wallet laying open on the edge of the dock. It was next to the spilt red wine, so I knew it was Adam’s. Of course I looked through it to double check (as any girl would) ;) Amongst a single 5 dollar bills and an aeroplane points card…I saw the i.d. Confirmed, it was his. Which meant, he had to swing by and get it. Well, he came back and we spent the day and night together once again. Laughing and joking! He got my number and as they say….the rest is history.

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how they asked

The proposal. Hoff and I were on our way to Brooklyn New York. My best friend Bek was doing a nursing placement in New Haven, Connecticut and we thought we’d meet in NY for a fun few days to celebrate her boyfriends 30th birthday. Hoff and I left Toronto and got to NY very early. We spent the day walking around and exploring Brooklyn before Beka and Mike would arrive. Hoff asked me if I’d like to go to Central Park, which I declined because we were to go the next day with our friends, why would we go two days in a row?! He then asked if I’d like to go visit the re-nowed Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, to which I also shut down. I couldn’t understand why this man wanted to go to gardens? It was not like him. We enjoy restaurants, bars and ball games. We returned to our hotel in Brooklyn and layed down before our friends arrived. Laughing and taking pictures with my new polaroid camera. I was on the bed and he was walking around fidgeting. Next thing you know, he’s down on one knee beside the bed. My jaw dropped.

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He said he’s done with trying to find the perfect place and just wanted me to be his wife. Poor thing was trying to propose all day and I didn’t have a clue. I cried and laughed with joy. Overwhelmed as I am the most emotional woman on this planet. The kicker. Hoff didn’t want to ruin our friends 30th birthday celebration, so when my best friend and her man arrived we had to keep quiet about it. We kept quiet for a day and a half until his birthday celebrations were all done. Imagine going to a baseball game with your best friend, having dinners with her and NOT TELLING her!!! When Mikes birthday was over Hoff and I grabbed a bottle of Champagne and walked over to Mike and Bek. It was 2 a.m at some hole in the wall bar. They instantly knew!!

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They were furious we didn’t tell them sooner but so happy to celebrate. We partied until the sun rose in our attached Brooklyn hotel rooms. Hoff knew how much my best friend meant to me and now that we live so far away from each other (Toronto and Halifax) we rarely get to see one another. He wanted me to celebrate this moment with my best friend. My heart was exploding. I get to marry the most caring, considerate, generous, loving man I have EVER met. He’s way out of my league but I don’t think I’ll tell him that. ;) God has truly blessed me. We’re getting hitched this December 22nd.

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