Sheridan and Josh

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How we met

Josh and I “met” when I was 16 and he was 18. I had met one of Josh’s friends, Jimmy, and when Josh saw me on social media he started calling me trying to get me to hangout. He lived 3 hours away so it never worked out. A couple years later I was in Stillwater for Calf Fry and Josh was a sophomore in college there. My friends and I stopped by his house before the concerts started. Josh said hey but didn’t really talk to me because he was too cool to talk to the high school girl. A few months later, when I was a freshman in college and Josh was a junior, I was on twitter and Josh randomly tweeted me. We made plans to hangout over Christmas break with some mutual friends. After that he asked me out on a date. I was so hesitant and kept making excuses to not go. Josh was persistent and we finally went out. I’m so glad he didn’t give up because it was the best first date. We were only supposed to go to dinner and a movie, but neither one of us wanted the date to end so we went bowling after the movie. After bowling we sat and talked for hours about the most random things because we still didn’t want it to be over. We both knew after that date there was something different about each other.

how they asked

Josh and I had been dating about 4 and a half years when he took me on a “birthday trip” to Scottsdale, Arizona. I suspected that Josh may propose to me on this trip, but I wasn’t 100% sure. We got there on the Friday afternoon of Labor Day weekend. We stayed at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa.

The first night we laid out by the pool and had an early night. On Saturday we woke up early so we could hike Cholla trail on Camelback mountain and see the sunrise. The views on that hike were the some of the prettiest views I had ever seen. After we made it back down the trail we went to Downtown Scottsdale to get brunch and explore the downtown area.

All day Saturday Josh was acting completely normal so I thought he wasn’t going to propose and put it out of my mind. We went to dinner and when we got to there he told me he was taking me somewhere else after. I immediately started trying to guess where we were going and I guessed a hot air balloon because we had seen so many and Josh said yes. I was freaking out on the inside because I am terrified of heights. I was trying to plan how to get out of the surprise without hurting his feelings. When we pulled up to the botanical gardens I calmed down because we weren’t actually going up in a balloon.

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This was when I realized Josh was going to propose. We walked in and Josh’s behavior immediately changed. He was walking around with his hand in his pocket and looking around like he was looking for someone. He wasn’t listening to anything I was saying or looking at any of the plants. After a few minutes of wondering around he turned to me and grabbed my hand and said he loved me. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. I remember wishing time would stop so I could memorize every single second of this moment. It took me a minute to say yes because all I wanted to do was kiss him.

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After kissing him what felt like a million times I finally said yes and he put the ring on my finger. That’s when I realized people were taking our picture and cheering. Josh not only pulled off this amazing proposal in this beautiful place, but he also hired a photographer to capture it all and take engagement pictures.

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Apparently he had been planning this Arizona proposal from Oklahoma for over a month and I had no idea! He took the time to research photographers and found the perfect one. Emily not only took our pictures but also helped Josh plan the entire thing, which was so helpful since neither of us had been to the botanical gardens before. It really was the most special moment of my life and I am so grateful Josh had Emily to help him make everything absolutely perfect.

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