Sheri and Dalton

Sheri's Proposal in Ocean City, Maryland

How We Met

So as the saying goes sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself and that’s exactly how our story began. In January of 2017 we each traveled down to Dallas, TX. Dalton traveling from Charlotte, NC and Sheri traveling from New York, NY to celebrate the wedding of two friends where Sheri was a bridesmaid, and Dalton was a groomsman. Having never crossed paths before, our friends had us paired up in their wedding party. (Spoiler alert- this won’t be the first time we walk down the aisle together ;) ) It was a whirlwind 36 hours that our trips overlapped and little did we know that would become a trend for us. After leaving Dallas we spent the next few weeks texting, and talking on the phone (We credit FaceTime, and Unlimited Data Plans with the early success of our relationship) before Dalton booked the first of what would be many flights to NYC. It seems the last flight in to visit each other Friday nights, and the last flight home Sunday nights would become our routine. (Seriously, the TSA employees began to expect me…) In the first year of our relationship we traveled to 10 states, and took more than 60 flights between the two of us to see each other. …they do say distance makes the heart grow fonder …

How They Asked

In March of 2018 we decided that we were ready for long distance to end and Sheri took a job and moved down to Oklahoma where Dalton was originally from, and had plans of moving back to. Long before we’d made the decision for Sheri to move to Oklahoma, and before Dalton had solidified a date that he would be moving back to Oklahoma a family trip had been planned to Ocean City, Maryland. The trip was originally planned for Sheri’s parents, ad Dalton’s parents to meet. Given that 4 out of the 6 people in the equation were living on the east coast at the time the trip was planned, this made perfect sense. However, as we know life throws curveballs and this soon became a more complicated travel ordeal than it was initially intended to be.

None the less, we made it work. With flights booked from different cities, and cars loaded for the drive we headed to Ocean City on May 18th, 2018. We spent what was forecasted to be a dreary weekend laughing with family and enjoying being all together for the first time. (Not to mention all of the amazing seafood!) On Saturday night May 19th, 2018 we had plans to go out for a nice dinner at Fager’s Island and take family pictures on the water beforehand. Despite Sheri’s every effort to shake plans up, Dalton wasn’t budging as he had a surprise in store. When we got to the restaurant we walked down to the gazebo on the water, where we began taking pictures.

Proposal Ideas Ocean City, Maryland

As Sheri was adjusting her outfit, and fixing her hair for the picture Dalton snuck down on to one knee and asked her to marry him with four of the most important people there to be a part of it all. It was then that the sun began shining through for the first time all weekend, and we were able to celebrate with the picture-perfect sunset that Fager’s Island is known for!

Special Thanks

Fagers Island Restaurant
 | Management worked with Dalton to provide a private gazebo opportunity for our proposal and pictures.