Sheree and Ian

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How We Met

I actually met my fiancé, Ian, at the gym. November 10th 2015, the same day I opened up my bakery/custom cake shop in Tampa, Florida. Fast forward a month later and he made it a point to come see me at the bakery and order cupcakes for his office Christmas party, as well as, ask me out on a date! We had the greatest time and became a couple shortly there after. He had been there from the absolute start of my business coming to help me deliver wedding cakes or staying to help me do dishes when I would need to pull a late night. He’s my biggest fan and still continues to help me grow my business to this day!

how they asked

2 years later I find myself getting ready for a housewarming party for his parents. I had baked a cake for them that week and decorated it with pretty buttercream flowers and a big “Congratulations” across the top. I arrive at the party and called Ian to help me get the cake and other treats from the car. We walk inside and right before I could even set my purse down I hear SPLAT and oh no! Ian had dropped the cake on to the floor. I walked over to him from where I was standing only to find him down on one knee reaching into the bottom of my cake to pull out a RING! He and my employee Liz, went into the bakery the night before and cut a hole in the bottom of the cake placing the ring inside a small plastic container before fitting the bottom piece of cake back in. I decorated it and everything and had no idea! Not only that but he had invited all of my family and even my best friend from Pennsylvania down to be there to share in the sweet moment! He really surprised me with such a creative and fitting proposal!

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