Sheree and Brandon

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How We Met

I was sitting in my office one Tuesday evening, when one of my store associates approached me and said “someone is interested in a part time position, you should come meet her.” At first, I didn’t want to stop what I was doing, but I’m glad I did. As I walked out of my office, I saw someone with the most beautiful smile standing there with her son. I interviewed her a few days later, and treated her like any other employee once hired. Eventually, the energy between us was apparent and I realized there was a connection. But I refused to let it be anything more than a professional relationship, and told her I couldn’t date an employee. So, she quit! We dated discreetly to see if the relationship would blossom. After a few months we were inseparable and made our relationship public. Three years, two souls, and one whirlwind romance later, I decided to let her now that she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Where to Propose in Georgetown

How We Met

I had the ring in my possession for weeks, but wanted to plan something special for the proposal. I knew she would want her close friends and family there, so I needed a location that could accommodate everyone and not ruin the surprise. I finally decided on the when (April 20th) and where (Georgetown Waterfront), but not how, so I enlisted the help of her BFF, Melissa. Sheree was weeks away from her college graduation, so Melissa came up with the idea of a “graduation” photo shoot. This would guarantee that she was dressed up, and have her hair and nails done as well. In the days preceding the event, I surveyed the location several times, planning the perfect route for Sheree, and for her friends and family to wait.

Proposal Ideas Georgetown

Finally, the day came! I told her I would be working all day and wouldn’t make the photoshoot. Meanwhile, I was busy picking up our kids and fielding texts from our friends. We (family and friends) arrived in Georgetown early, but it turned out Sheree was going to be late. She finally met Terri (the photographer) on the west side of the Georgetown waterfront and worked her way towards the proposal location, where all of her friends and family were waiting with anticipation. When she made it to the planned spot for the final photograph, I could see her from the top of the stairs. I tiptoed down behind her, heart pounding, hoping she wouldn’t turn around and see me too early. I knelt behind her as she took her final picture. As she spun around, she screamed in shock and excitement. I was relieved. She had no idea what had been planned, and everyone around us (strangers included) celebrated with joy and excitement.

Sheree's Proposal in Georgetown

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