Shelly and Steven

How We Met

Steven and I met in college 3 years ago. We both went to Florida State University. I actually found him on the app “Plenty of Fish”. I was not expecting to find anyone on that app… but then came across Steven. We first met at our local FSU Starbucks and had our very first coffee date. We were inseparable from that moment on. He asked me to be his girlfriend by surprising me with 50 roses and my favorite wine. You can then guess how they asked me to marry him? I have never met someone who is more loyal, honest, mature, and giving as him. He’s the world’s best cook (though I am biased), he spoils me likes there’s no tomorrow, and him looking like a Greek God is an added bonus. And I cannot be any more thrilled to spend the rest of my life with my dream man !

Shelly's Proposal in Pacific Beach, San Diego @sunset

Shelly and steven's Engagement in Pacific Beach, San Diego @sunset

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Pacific Beach, San Diego @sunset

how they asked

Steven had a business conference to go to in San Diego. So he thought it would also be nice to make a small vacay out of it. While we were there, he said that we would be doing a photoshoot during Golden Hour and that we’d be going to a fancy dinner afterward. Well with me, modeling as a hobby, he knew that I’d take my photoshoot very seriously and that I would get very dressed up. So I gathered my favorite outfit, for my make up done at Sephora, and apparently got way overdressed for the beach…. when we arrived at Pacific beach, we were on a cliff on top of a beach where lots of people were watching the sunset.

They began to look at me strangely and probably thinking why I was so overdressed. Steven took me to the edge of the cliff, and over the horizon, there was a sign that rolled down and a hundred roses in shape of a heart as my proposal. My breath was taken away and emotions began to flood. Saying yes to my perfect human meant everything to me. Thank you to our dear friends that made it all happen! Red roses will forever be part of our love story

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