Shelly and Sherif

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How We Met

Thirteen years ago, Sherif and I were in 8th grade at the Christa McAuliffe School in Brooklyn, little did we know that this is also where our story started. We met when we were transferred into the same 8th-grade class and have been together ever since. He was the class clown and I was the shy quiet girl. One day, Sherif thought it would be funny to pretend to marry me in front of the entire class as a joke. I was mortified and hated all the attention. He even had someone in the class make rings out of aluminum foil so that we could have a “real wedding.”

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That’s how our story started and even though I hated all the attention we started talking regularly, became best friends, and have been together ever since. Our adventure has been unique but full of so much love for each other. We’ve grown up with each other and became our best selves by each other’s side. We’ve gone through high school, college, long distance, first jobs, first apartments, and so much more together and can’t wait to see where else this crazy ride takes us.

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how they asked

In July, a group of friends and us were on a trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma. I had planned the entire trip with my friend Jamie down to the hour. On July 26, we started our day just as we had planned: fancy breakfast followed by two wineries. After our first winery, we started making additional stops around the area that hadn’t originally been planned. Unbeknownst to me, everyone was stalling for time. After a very long lunch at Brix and a tour of their garden around 5:00 pm we finally made it to the beautiful Castillo de Amorosa winery.

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The Castle would not be more perfect and is literally built for a queen. After doing the wine tasting, everyone suggested we do a tour of the grounds. We were walking around the extraordinary castle and grounds and Sherif turned around, got on one knee and popped the question! It was a complete surprise and an absolutely perfect moment. It couldn’t have been any more perfect!

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Special Thanks

Nanci Kerby
 | Photographer