Shelly and Price's Marriage Proposal at FSU Football Stadium

How We Met: Even though we had both lived in Tallahassee for over 10 years and attended FSU, Price and I had never met. Getting bored of the “dating” scene in a college town (while being young professionals) we both decided to try online dating. We both were online over a year before we even met even though we had seen each other there previously. I guess you can thank God for unanswered prayers as the timing just must not have been right, until July 31, 2013, which was our first date.

how they asked: Around our 1st anniversary (July 2014) we started talking about getting married and even looked at rings together. Now you see, we’re both HUGE Seminole fans. I mean, sweltering heat, pouring rain, freezing cold hasn’t deterred us from missing games. Early last season I noticed for the first time that during half-time they were posting engagement questions on the Jumbotron.

I mentioned this to Price one night (not as a hint- I promise!) and his response was “well that’s tacky”. I immediately thought “ok, well it’ll never happen at a football game”. Fast forward to November 22 (1 day before his birthday): I had old friends in town for one of the last games of the season and was preparing for his birthday the following day.

An engagement was the furthest thing from my mind that weekend. We got prepared for what we knew was going to be a soaking wet/freezing cold game. Because of that I didn’t think it was odd that Price had his hands in his jacket the whole time (mostly to hide the ring box!). By halftime I noticed a few friends come to our section, odd but not unusual as people regularly change seats to see friends. But over 5 minutes more and more friends were sitting behind us. Weird? A few moments later, Price nudges my arm and says “Hey, guess who came for the game”… as soon I looked over 2 rows away I burst in tears as I realized everything in one moment.

My parents were at the game. My parents would NEVER come to Tallahassee or a game without me knowing or being with them- mostly because I’m their only child and they live 3 hours away. I immediately knew there would have only been one reason they would have surprised me at this game. This is where the video that our friend Daniel pick’s up at.

I later asked Price why he told me it was tacky to do a proposal at a football game (which had gotten me confused for so many months)? He said “It was tacky to ask on a Jumbotron, I wanted to ask you for myself”.

Marriage Proposal at FSU Football Stadium

Marriage Proposal at FSU Football Stadium[1]


Marriage Proposal at FSU Football Stadium

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