Shelly and Nathan

Image 1 of Shelly and Nathan

How We Met

We met in high school in a child development class. I was a senior and he was a junior. Every time I would get up to sharpen my pencil I could feel him watch me. He was always joking in class and I loved his sense of humor. When he asked me out I was a little surprised but 5 years later he’s my best friend and now my fiancé. I started high school in New Jersey and transferred to a high school in West Virginia. It’s amazing to think about what my life would be if my family didn’t make that move.

how they asked

We were on vacation and I was having my cousin take pictures of my boyfriend and I. My cousin told me to stand in front of my boyfriend because she wanted to try and new “layering” technique to add dimension to our pictures. Little did I know my boyfriend standing behind me he had taken a beautiful solitaire diamond ring out of his pocket. As my cousin snapped pictures he walked closer to me and said my name. When I turned around he got down on one need and asked, “Shelly Lynn, will you marry me?”

Image 2 of Shelly and Nathan

I was in complete shock I couldn’t speak. After what seemed like eternity I was able to yell “YES!” I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend (and fiancé!)

Image 3 of Shelly and Nathan

Image 4 of Shelly and Nathan

Special Thanks

Katie Cacchioli
 | Planning and Photographer