Shelly and John

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How We Met

Just prior to what I think we can all agree has been one of the weirdest years in recent time has become one of the best years of my life. John and I met this past January in Nashville TN. Our first date was in downtown Franklin at The Red Pony. Immediately we had an instant connection. Conversation flowed effortlessly and his handsome looks were definitely a plus. After an incredible dinner, the ride home was the cherry on top. I knew that I was in for round 2 when he played Kygo (aka my favorite) and we jammed out all the way home.

The next few dates kept topping the one previous. One that included me beating him in mini bowling at a local favorite, Pins Mechanical, and a fairy tail date night seeing our favorite hockey team Nashville Predators take the ice. I knew that I was definitely in for the long haul.

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Continuing on, my birthday was fast approaching. John had planned an over the top trip to the mountains in North Carolina. As we crossed the NC state line, the sky went from the brightest blue to dumping snow, it was magical. The view from Old Edwards Inn as we cheered a nice glass of champagne was something out of a Hallmark movie. That weekend we made a commitment to one another to make the relationship exclusive (later to find out that it had been that way for both of us since the first date).

How They Asked

It’s October 16th, little did I know the greatest surprise ever had been planned all behind the scenes. John had been plotting with my family, they had an elaborate plan to throw me off by setting up a “fake” awards Gala for my stepfather who’s a physician. John was behind the wheel and I was riding shotgun dealing with work stuff so I had no idea of the “shit-eating” grin he was hiding. We arrived at my family’s house overlooking the lake, somewhat in a hurry to get dolled up for the big awards ceremony. Dressed to the 9’s and a martini in hand, my mom, myself, and John head out to meet up with my stepfather at a local steakhouse in Mississippi. Knowing what I know now, once we left the house, my brother Shaun and his partner Josh were quick to the scene to set up for the magical moment.

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It’s 8:30 and we are about to depart the steakhouse. My stepfather states that he forgot his speech at the house. As I pull into the drive I quickly walk into the house to freshen up my lipstick. The back door is wide open, my mother grabs my purse and nudges me out the door onto the landing. In complete utter shock, all I can hear is the heart-grabbing sounds of an orchestra playing. As I look down on where the sound is coming from, a real-life vogue setting has come to life on the infinity pool deck. John at that point walks up the stairs and grabs my hand. I immediately ask what is going on, still thinking this isn’t real life. As we walk down the candlelit stairs, Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” is being played. John leads us to the center of what had to be 10,000 rose petals surrounded by water-filled vases that floated candles.

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At that point, I see the sweetest tear in his eye and a glow that one can never forget. John professed his love for me and asked for my hand in marriage. Dropping to one knee and pulling out a stunning diamond I immediately said YES!!!

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Cheers begin to flow from the upper deck, little did I know my family watched this incredible moment take place. Vintage Dom Champagne flowed all night, happy tears rolled and the orchestra played on, my fairy tale life just began!

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Special Thanks

Lauren Dorman
 | Photographer
Shaun Smith
 | Designer