Shelly and Chris

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How We Met

On July 7, 2013, I hosted a cake tasting for a future wedding cake where a few friends of mine attended. After the tasting was over, my friends started chatting about a few of the single guys they worked with and I reminded them I was single and open to the idea of meeting someone. After describing a few misses, they brought up Chris and I was intrigued! One of the girls who was a good friend of Chris, reached out to him to ask if he would be open to meeting me for a semi-blind date. Chris was single at the time and had a few misses himself in the dating world, and decided that he was open to the idea that we meet for dinner later that evening, We met at a local Uncle Julio’s and hit it off so well that we talked until the restaurant closed. We dated for three happy years, and the rest is history!

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how they asked

I wanted the proposal to be as much of a surprise as possible, even though we had been living together for nearly a year and had discussed the idea of marriage before. I had let Shelly know earlier in the week of the planned day to get off work earlier than usual and to be ready to go out for a nice dinner by 5:30 and to bring comfortable “walking” shoes. Once Shelly was ready to go and we were in the car, I blindfolded her so that she would have no idea where I was taking her. Shelly spent all of her life and grew up in metro Atlanta, and therefore had a very keen sense of direction. When we arrived at Piedmont Park, Shelly soon realized why I had urged her to wear more comfortable shoes! Her heels were simply not cut out for the half-mile blindfolded hiking journey that ensued.

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Shelly had mentioned to me over the course of our relationship that her ideal proposal would be a really special occasion between just the two of us and representative of our relationship. Shelly and I spent our entire relationship living in different areas in Atlanta, and with that in mind I wanted to find a location that symbolized the city as well as our relationship. I picked out a beautiful, secluded, picture perfect spot in the park where there was a wonderful view of the Atlanta City skyline in the background. I had also taken the liberty of hiring a professional photographer and friend of Shelly’s to capture the moment.

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When Shelly took off her blindfold, I was down on one knee with the beautiful lake at Piedmont Park in the background and one of Shelly’s friends and favorite photographer was snapping away! After the special moment and Shelly had said “Yes!” we spent the next hour or so roaming around the park taking pictures in different areas, but the surprises were not over!

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I had secretly made reservations to an upscale restaurant in Buckhead called St. Cecilia that Shelly had mentioned to me years before, but we had never had a chance to visit. I drove her to the restaurant, where we had an extremely lovely meal and experience. The perfect ending to the perfect afternoon and evening, and an incredible beginning of our lives together!

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