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Towards the end of my senior year of high school, as everyone was making final decisions about college, my best friend Kamil, was being recruited by a school to play football. He ended up deciding to attend that school and a month into college I get a text saying that he is coming back in town for the weekend and “really needs to talk” because he had something important to tell me. That weekend we met for coffee and when I asked what it was he needed to tell me, he says that he has “found the man that I am going to marry”. I laughed at him thinking this was some kind of joke, and he proceeded to tell me about a guy who had made a huge impact on him at school who he knows would be perfect for me. He tells me that he had been telling him about me and that Blake had asked if he could have my number. I laughed and said no, still not fully believing Kamil was being serious. A few weeks later I get an Instagram direct message from a “Blake Roberts”. He said something to the entent of “I am not trying to be creepy. I know you already told Kamil no about giving me your number but I just wanted to give it one more shot because I really feel like I am supposed to get to know you.” I turned him down as kindly as I knew how.

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Well, he had been asking Kamil about me and found out from my Instagram that I liked photography, so a about a week later I get another direct message that was a photo of a bird saying “what do you think of this?”. Confused, I responded with “huh?”, to which he responded “how should I edit this?”…I laughed out loud thinking this guy was trying way too hard. But we ended up talking back and forth for the next week. Finally, he presented the question one more time for my number and I gave it to him. We talked here and there over the next few months texting and calling each other. I never imagined I would gain feelings for him because he was a jock and I didn’t like football players. In January I was sitting at Passion Conference in Atlanta with a friend of mine, waiting for it to start, when I opened Instagram to see a post from @blakeroberts3 of himself and a friend at passion conference. I panicked…I had never met this guy in person and I was afraid he would want to say hi if he found out I was there, but my friend convinced me to tell him I was there as well. When I told him, he immediately called me and asked me where I was in the Arena. When I started to tell him, the music began and we decided we would meet up later. After the conference, he called again and said to meet him by the CNN center.

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There I met him for the first time in person and thought “yeah…not my type” and decided in my head then and there that we would just be friends. We didn’t text as much the next few months. March rolls around and brings spring break. Kamil told me he would be coming to town and asked me to take some days off of work so that we could hang out and so I did! I go to see him on his first day in town, to find out he had brought 2 friends home with him…one being Blake. I was so mad at Kamil for not warning me…but I hung out with them that whole week. In doing that, I saw a whole new side of Blake I hadn’t seen before. He was so patient and kind and caring. He was a gentleman, he was funny, he seemed interested in me and what I had to say. I fell hard that week. We both did. At the end of the week we had a long conversation. He told me he really liked me and laid out his intentions in pursuing me. We decided we would take it slow and see what happens…A few weeks later we are dating…a few months later we know we love each other… a few months later we are talking marriage…and now here we are, engaged. I could never have imagined a more incredible man to get to spend the rest of my life with. I have never met a man as incredible as Blake and the thought of getting to call him my husband makes me smile bigger than ever before. Here’s to forever with my best friend.

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We had talked for so long about getting engaged. We knew we wanted to marry each other early in our relationship. I had a broad idea of a time-frame in which he might propose…but really, no idea what to expect or when to expect it. The waiting was killing me! I had always told him, “Whatever you do, just make it a surprise! I don’t want to see it coming!”. We both had Thursdays off at the time so we would spend those days hanging out, doing something fun together. We had some friends who own this beautiful farm with the most incredible loft apartment. We had gotten a text from the owners of it saying “Would you two be willing to be in a photo shoot for the loft this Thursday?” and since we hadn’t yet made plans, we agreed to do it! She had texted Blake asking if he could “come help set up for the shoot” earlier in the day and then we would shoot around sunset. So I didn’t hear from Blake all morning and then he came to pick me up. He acted completely normal ride out there. The night before I had heard this song called “Clear” that when I heard it, I could visualize our engagement video to.

So I played it for him in the car, daydreaming about “one day when we get engaged”…not at all expecting what was about to happen. We pull up to the loft and get out to walk to the barn where the loft is located. As we are walking up I notice that no one is there as far as I could see, but I didn’t question it because I thought we were either early or they were somewhere else on the property shooting. When we get to the other side of the barn, Blake reaches out to grab my hand and turns me around. He tells me that there isn’t a shoot, that we aren’t meeting anyone there at all. I am instantly hit with what is happening and I stood there in complete shock. Before I knew it, Blake reached behind him to grab the ring, and was down on one knee asking me to be his wife.

It was the moment I had dreamed of for my whole life and had been so anxiously awaiting for the past year. And now we are 6 months away from being husband and wife and it is the greatest season of my life so far. I love him. And I cannot wait to spend the rest of my days as Mrs. Roberts.

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