Shellie and Jordon


How We Met

Jordon and I attended the same middle school as kids, what we had no way of knowing at the time was that our paths wouldn’t actually cross until later in life (as it was all in God’s plan for us). After a rough patch and a few failed relationships over the years, I had grown doubtful of ever finding a healthy, respectful relationship. I had come to terms with life’s challenges and realized being alone was not a bad idea. I was more concerned with finding myself, being the best mother I could to my daughter (Taylor) and seeking God’s guidance. I prayed for strength and knowledge. To my surprise happiness started to set in and anxiety began slipping away.

Jordon had tried reaching out to me (via Facebook messenger) years previously but was unsuccessful because I was in a relationship at the time (if only I had known then what I do now). Maybe all things do happen for a reason, to learn from wrong paths taken? To really be able to appreciate a good thing? Regardless, God had not gave up on us, (and Jordon hadn’t either) as we finally connected with friendly conversation that soon turned into chatting through text messages daily.

I was catching myself smiling at my phone, a lot and questioning if it could possibly turn into something more in the future. At the same time, I was hesitate and fearful of the possibility of things turning into a nightmare! It always starts out good, right!? I tried to keep a safe distance and explained that we could be friends because I just wasn’t interested in a relationship. We exchanged conversation for weeks before we officially met. I gave in, concluding that gaining a friend wouldn’t hurt and may be a positive thing.

On March 7th 2015, I met the man that is now my fiance at El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Salem, Virginia. I never knew on that day I was meeting the guy I soon would want to spend my life with. Over the next few months we became extremely close, sharing everything with one another. It was then that I had finally come to realize there was no denying that we were meant to be together. The biggest things that made me want to begin a relationship with Jordon is his honesty, his sense of humor, his ability to make me feel calm, how genuine he is, the fact that I can literally talk to him about anything, and because he truly accepts me (flaws and all). I have always heard, “It’s not what you’re doing, but who you’re with.” I never understood the true meaning of that before. Everything seems fun when your sharing your life with your best friend! I always tell him, “You are my happy place.”

I thank God for the trip to Salem and for leading us into a beautiful relationship. That person I was awkward with in the Mexican restaurant ended up being made for me in too many ways to ignore! Later we come to learn that we both had been praying for the same thing. So whether by coincidence or grand design, we finally were brought together to enhance one another’s lives in every way imaginable. Over the last (almost) year and a half we have not only grown as a couple but have helped each other grow individually and spiritually. And to think, this is just the beginning of our journey together….

how they asked

So, Jordon had planned a surprise weekend getaway for the two of us. I knew about the trip weeks prior and the anticipation was killing me! I had no idea what our weekend would consist of but I was ecstatic to get a romantic weekend away with my love. Jordon is always doing little things to surprise me so this was not out of the norm at all. Friday afternoon we arrived at a gorgeous cabin nestled in the woods of The Blue Ridge Parkway. It was perfect! We put the jacuzzi tub and wrap around deck to good use. Jordon grilled steaks for us and we had an intimate dinner in that night. He explained that he had plans for us the following morning. Although I begged for information, he wouldn’t cave.


Saturday morning we drove two hours to our destination. It was Peaks of Otter! He knew I had been dying to hike Sharp Top mountain and we were finally getting to! Little did I know that one of the most important/memorable moments of my life was about to occur. The hike up was very enjoyable, as it always is with my best friend to converse with as we take pleasure in nature together. We made it to the top and the views were breathtaking!

We walked around taking it all in. We eventually made our way to a nice large boulder, we climbed up on top and stood there looking out at the vistas/valleys. Jordon was saying things like, “Are you sure you want to be with me and will love me forever?” and “I want to spend forever with you”…which I replied, “You better!” Haha He seemed a bit nervous and said, “I have something to ask you” (with a puzzled look on his face).

I was thinking, “Oh no, what did he do!?” Lol He was hesitating so my mind was wondering a little. He asked me to put the jerky we were gnawing on back in the backpack (as it seemed we were about to have an intense conversation) and when I turned around he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!


I was fighting back tears as I said YES!! He said, “Are you sure!?” Haha I said, “Of course!!” To our surprise, everyone yelled, clapped and congratulated us! I turned to see Anna (the photographer he had hired) snapping pictures.


I was so overwhelmed with happiness and with trembling arms I hugged my fiance tightly! Directly after that I was greeted with, “By the way, I’m your photographer nice to meet you!” The next moments were spent in the “just-engaged” bliss with Anna capturing our excitement, love and happiness!


On our way back to the cabin I stopped to have my nails done (painted white with “yes!” written on my ring finger in red). After arriving back at the cabin we showered and got dressed up for a romantic celebration at Chateau Morrisette where we toasted our future together with a couple glasses of wine.


I am still in awe about the amount of thought and planning that went into all of this, just for me! I am so thankful that he thought to hire a photographer. Having pictures to look back on year after year and re-live that moment is priceless! The whole experience has meant the world to me and I couldn’t even begin to think up a more perfect engagement weekend!

I feel extremely blessed to be bonded with such a caring, generous person who has truly showed me what love is supposed to look like. Not only does Jordon treat me great (at times, much better than I deserve) but he’s good with my daughter as well. There is no other that could be a better fit for us than he. I absolutely cannot wait to marry my best friend, the most incredible man I have met. I will be so proud to call this guy of mine, husband!!


Special Thanks

Anna Bowser