Shelley and Nathan

How We Met

Myself and Shelley met in High school. We were very good friends however once we left we didn’t keep in touch…Until years later I was with one of our mutual friends and we all met up in town….We’ve not looked back since we didn’t rush into a relationship we were actually close friends with a few benefits for 3 years after this time until she finally decided she wanted more and this was the start to our story.

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how they asked

In June 2015 I decided I would treat my then Girlfriend to an end of year trip to Venice as a birthday gift..

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Shortly after booking the trip although not originally planned, I started to devise a proposal plan, The plan was mainly based around the fact that my partner Shelley had always made it very clear that when or if I ever proposed she would like her parents there, (she’s a big family kind of person) Obviously I wasn’t going to bring her parents or any of her family to Venice with me.

So only 3 months before we was due to fly I decided to put my plan into action, for the next 12-15 weeks I had a close friend of mine follow me round recording my every move on his canon DSLR. We captured footage from the moment I asked her fathers permission, the searching and purchasing of the ring, and even the proposal itself. Obviously there is a bit more to it…As I mentioned Shelley had made it very clear she wanted her parents there for her proposal….

I think I went one better!! My camera man also followed me to everyone of her friends and family and helped me collect personal messages from then to edit into the final video, Including footage from her Austrian Family. Once all the footage was collected we put it together into a short film (completed… days before the trip to Venice)

We then got on our flight…. spent our first night in a very nice hotel and awoke in the morning for a trip on a gondola ride… Little did Shelley know this was the moment that I would pull out the iPad ready for her to finally find out what I had been up to over the last 3 months…

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This was the moment that she said YES!!!!!

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Our Video