Shelley and Blake

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How We Met

Blake and I met at a big bonfire that my friends hosted every Friday night. I saw him one time but we never got a chance to talk. I didn’t see him again until a couple weeks later he came back out to the bonfire. He wouldn’t leave me alone!? we found out we actually had the same birthday, May 28th. He told me he had been asking his friends to come back out the bonfire so he could introduce himself to me. We have been inseparable ever since then, for 3 years now!

how they asked

We live in Alabama, so seeing 5 inches of snow is something we’ve never experienced. Work was closed for both of us and we were so excited to have a snow day! Blake asked me if I wanted his sister to take some nice pictures of us in the snow, since the last time we saw a peaceful snow day like this in Alabama was 1993! We bundled up and went to a gorgeous spot in a nearby park that looked like a winter wonderland. We took a few pictures and then Blake got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife!! It was all captured on camera and thankfully I had my nails done too ? he told me later on that he actually had the proposal planned for the next weekend, but when he woke up December 8th and saw the snow, he knew it was too perfect to pass up. It was the most perfect moment I could ever dream of.

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