Shelby and Taylor

How We Met

Taylor and I met in high school, January 18th 2010 on Skype…yep..the original online dating! We were going to the same school (Archbishop Spalding in Severn, MD) and we had a few mutual friends, but the two of us had never crossed paths. After coming home from a party, my friend asked if I wanted to get on Skype and talk to a friend of hers who was also with a few of his friends (one of whom is in our bridal party!). The rest is history!

how they asked

Taylor and I were attending his step-father’s 50th birthday party at The TapHouse in Severna Park, MD. His entire family and a few of our close friends were there, and my parents were also invited. My mom and step-dad came, but my dad and step-mom said they would stay behind to watch our new puppy, Zoe, so that we could have a nice night out without a “puppy-curfew”. In the half-way through the party, it was time for cake. Taylor’s mother Karen (one of the only people in on the surprise) called everyone over to the cake area. My mom and I walked in together and stood and watched while Marty (Taylor’s step-dad) blew out his candles surrounded by family and friends. After, someone yelled “speech, speech!” and Marty began to thank everyone for coming and told us how the evening meant so much to him. At the end, Taylor stepped into the center of the crowd with Marty and further thanked everyone for being there. I was extremely confused and unsure as to why he was inserting himself into Marty’s birthday thanks. That was until I heard the words “so let’s make the night a little more special…I have something to ask…” The next thing I knew, Taylor was on one knee, I was ugly crying, he forgot to ask the question and I forgot to say yes!..but then I did. We cried, hugged, kissed, and were immediately surrounded by our family and friends with the ultimate show of love and excitement. I instantly felt a pit in my stomach when I realized that my dad and step-mom were watching Zoe. BUT there they were, sneaking in the back of the room and they had witnessed the entire thing, along with some other friends that Taylor had snuck in for me. It was absolutely amazing and I was more than caught off guard — but isn’t that just the best way for anything to happen?