Shelby and Cody

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How We Met

We meet when we were only 14 and 15 years old! Our friends set us up without either of us even knowing we were being set up. Let’s just say, “we hit it off.” We have been together ever since! Six years and counting.

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how they asked

A couple weeks before, we planned to go to dinner for his mom’s birthday on March 9 because we were in San Diego during her actual birthday. So we came into town and got all dressed up and enjoyed a nice dinner with the family! After we got into the car, his step dad told us that he had a surprise for the girls, aka me, his mom, and his sister. He gave all three of us blindfolds because he said he didn’t want us seeing the surprise before we got there. Cody played along quite well by seeming annoyed that he got left out of the surprise. We drove around for what seemed like forever but then we reached our destination. His step dad told us he would guide his sister and his mom, and told Cody to guide me. We were walking literally .2 MPH because 1) I was in heels 2) I had NO clue where I was going, and I was anxious! However, all of the sudden, before Cody said I could take my blindfold off, I heard a bark…now let me tell you, I know my baby’s bark.

I asked “Cody, is that Griffey?,” and he said “What? No that wasn’t.” And I got really annoyed actually because I knew that that was my baby’s bark!! Well right after that, he stopped me and told me to take my blindfold off. As soon as the blindfold came off, I saw my parents and his parents in the stands with their cameras taking pictures, a photographer kneeling beside us, and Cody right in front of me specifically on home plate of Kirsch Rooney Stadium, the field I watched him play on for five years!! I knew exactly what was about to happen.

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So I had a little Shelby moment and screamed “oh sh*t” as Cody was getting down on one knee. I was in complete shock that I cannot even tell you the words he said to me but I know that it seemed as if he was down there for eternity and all I wanted to do was kiss him!

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Also, it was a random Thursday night because they all know how crazy and investigative I am, and how I find out everything, so they did everything they could to throw me off because really, who gets engaged on a random Thursday in March?! Lol!

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