Shelby and Spencer

Proposal Ideas Kaanapali Beach, Maui

My now fiancé Spencer and I met just nine months ago on Valentine’s day at our local church here in Seattle, WA. After a few short months we began dating, spending every free minute together and fell in love at his parents place on the fourth of July (we seem to have an accidental draw toward holidays). As the fireworks went off we realized that we couldn’t see life anymore without the other being apart of it. Fast forward a few months and we are vacationing with my parents in Maui, a place that is close to my family’s heart. On our last night there, in the middle of the pouring rain, Spencer led me onto the beach that I grew up going to. He read a favorite Bible verse of ours and began to express the incredible trust that he has in me and us. At the same moment that he began to drop down on one knee the rain literally stopped and he looked in my eyes, saying the words that I have always longed to hear.

He wanted us to spend forever together and for just a moment the world stood still on that beach as we looked to our future. The next instant, the rain came rushing back and the secret photographer that he hired popped out of the bushes, tourists on their balconies cheered and a local restaurant filled with people gushed. We all celebrated that night! Spencer and I truly believe that we will always be newlyweds at heart no matter how old we get or what we might encounter along the way. We have never been happier or more excited to start this new adventure together!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kaanapali Beach, Maui

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