Shelby and Tyler

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How We Met

Three years ago, I started a brand new job. I always had a small crush on my manager. He and I begin talking and when we hung out for the first time; we talked all night without interruption. Everything felt so natural. We began dating 1/05/16. The most important thing for me is the fact that I had a one and a half-year-old at the time. I had just got out of a really unhealthy relationship with his father. And Tyler swooped in so accepting and loving. He was a dream man come true! He is hardworking, family oriented, about to graduate college, and most importantly loved my son as his own. I was so thankful and blessed. His parents were also so loving, caring, and accepting! They loved Wyatt, my son, as their own grandchild as well. This year has been difficult because he just graduated, working two jobs, paying back loans. I haven’t been able to work because I’m home with my son and trying to get my associates. But, he hasn’t complained once. He has been so supportive and all I want to do is help make our dream wedding happen. I prayed and prayed that one day he would pop the question. I may or may not have begged him to pop the question because I’m so crazy about him!

how they asked

On 11/11/17 all my wishes came true! Tyler had asked all my family to do a trip to Frankenmuth. Once we all arrived Tyler surprised my son and me on a horse and carriage ride. When the ride was over both of our parents were there, and they began taking pictures. Tyler got down on one knee and proposed in front of the horse-drawn carriage. It was a dream! Right after he proposed we went to a place called Bronner’s, a Christmas store, and made our engagement ornament. We are currently planning our wedding for December 2017. With how Christmassy the proposal was, we want a Christmas themed wedding. I never knew that all my childhood dreams would come true. A real prince charming, a fairytale engagement, and soon we hope to have our fairytale wedding!

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