Shelby and Ty

Shelby's Proposal in Riviera Maya, Mexico

How We Met

Who knew that the cute guy I kept seeing on and off at the gym would one day be my soon-to-be-husband? Not me that’s for sure. I used to always joke with my friends that I’d meet my mister there considering after college that’s where most of my free time was spent – and let’s face it, if you can think a girl is still cute after a long workout, you may just be the one. I’ll never forget the many glances from my treadmill on the second floor overlooking the weightlifting area where I would see him – boy was he cute! When we had our first date, I was so nervous that I made my roommate stick around the apartment to meet him, you know, just in case I needed someone to know who I was with. Reality was, we didn’t know anything about each other going into this first date. I knew his first name and that he liked to work out but that was it. I guess that’s all we needed from the other because, as nervous as I was, when he showed up to my apartment for our date and when I opened the door, I felt very at ease with him – safe.

I made him my famous chicken lasagna with Caesar salad and garlic bread. We sat for nearly 2 hours and ate and talked non-stop about almost everything we could think of. It was the best conversation I had ever had on a first date, or ever, and I wasn’t ready for it to end. Lucky for me, neither did he! From there we went and got froyo and just continued our conversation(s) and continued to get to know each other. By the end of the night, I knew this guy was different. He was a perfect gentlemen (I mean he even took off his shoes at the front door) and I couldn’t wait to see him again! I had the biggest butterflies in my stomach all night so imagine how I felt when he asked for date #2 the very next night, but this time, he was cooking and I got to wear sweatpants!

Needless to say, the first date was the best last first date of my life and things have only gotten better from there! Today, Ty and I couldn’t feel more blessed for our life together. He works as an electrical controls engineer in the coal mining industry and I have a career in digital marketing. We travel often seeing friends and family, enjoying experiences of a lifetime.

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how they asked

I was a little hesitant to share our story online but so many of our friends have encouraged us to do it. Our proposal was so romantic and a total surprise (at least for me)! Upon our engagement we were coming up on our 3 year dating anniversary and having lived together for almost 2 of those years. Things between us progressed kind of quickly, but they were always in perfect timing for us – and this proposal isn’t any different. We’d had many conversations on the when and I thought we had decided on not for a couple more years. We had a plan. Well excuse me while I put my foot in my mouth and admit that Ty had another plan in mind that I wasn’t aware of. In May 2016 we decided, and by we I really mean ‘I’, to take a vacation to Mexico since neither one of us had ever taken a full week off work for something focused around total relaxation and time for just us two.

We booked our trip and got to planning our stay at a resort in the beautiful Riviera Maya and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We planned adventures of scuba diving, snorkeling in Cozumel, shopping, zip lining, swimming in caves, and more! Every day had a plan and a loose schedule. Shoot forward to Saturday, September 10, 2016 where the day had finally come to fly out! I was so giddy I could barely contain my excited! When we woke up on September 11, 2016 we were ready to take PDC by storm. We explored our resort, ate our weights in breakfast and spent the majority of the day at the beach right behind our room drinking Miami Vice’s on constant refill under our umbrellas. Goodness it was HEAVEN! I had never been more relaxed in my life. That night we were going to do dinner in town because I told Ty I wanted authentic Mexican food, even if it meant there were no chips and salsa (haha).

So we got all fancied up, and grabbed the shuttle into town. We walked down 4th street browsing the shops and taking in the culture. We stopped at one point and grabbed some street tacos before venturing over to find the Playa Car Ruins that Ty had been SO set on finding for the last month – hint hint hint. THEN the rain came. And this wasn’t a downpour of rain (yet) it was that awkward more than a sprinkle rain that’s super annoying and still strong enough to make you look like a wet rat soon. I was so mad – much like any girl would be after taking forever to blow dry and curl her hair to just get drenched before you got to dinner or could take a cute selfie in Mexico… I begged Ty to duck into a bar and wait it out but he insisted that we were sooo close to the ruins – which we weren’t. I started to get mad a him more than mother nature. However, we finally found the ruins after walking through gravel and wet grass with sandals on for at least 15 minutes.

I admit they were beautiful and I’m glad we got to see them in person, but was it worth getting soaked in the process? At that point the rain had stopped and Ty found a dirt path that lead to the biggest ruin. I followed behind him but then I saw a man in the bushes. I tugged on Ty and pointed him out. He assured me it was nothing as “this is a public park, babe”. Once we reached the front of the ruin, I noticed a bushel of flowers sitting on the edge, to which Ty walked right over to, picked up and said, “oh look babe, I got these flowers for you!”. I was in total shock he grabbed them and scolded him to put them down and that it wasn’t nice to take someone else’s flowers. He looked shocked and stumbled to put them back. It was about then I noticed the man in the bushes had a camera and was pointing right at us. My gut told me to walk away as quickly as possible but as I started to walk away terrified, Ty grabbed my hand, turned me around with a “Babe.” There was a crack in his voice I had never heard before and he was fidgeting which he never does.

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He started by telling me that everything was okay, followed up by a couple I love you’s and some mushy stuff on how long we’ve been together and how much I mean to him. He spoke beautiful words I’ll never forget. It was then that he got down on that beautiful knee of his and I finally realized that this was happening. My heart was beating out of my chest, I instantly starting crying, I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t really grasp reality. Ty looked at me and asked me those 7 words, I have dreamt of for so long, “Shelby Lee George, will you marry me?”.

Proposal Ideas Riviera Maya, Mexico

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Riviera Maya, Mexico

To be honest, I didn’t say ‘yes’ at first. My first words were a very natural, “what the f#$!” followed by, “Are you sure?! Is this REAL?!” and a few more phrases of that sorta curse-y nature. He laughed and asked again. I then slapped his chest and screamed “yes!”. It was the easiest question I had ever been asked and with the ring actually on my finger, I still couldn’t believe it this was happening. Then out from the bushes came TWO photographers who were capturing every moment (and yes one was the man I saw!!).

So this big lush of a fiancé hired a photographer and her colleague to buy me flowers and capture the entire moment?! *swoon* But it doesn’t stop there. We then spent another 3 hours with them going all around the Riviera Maya taking (pre)engagement photos at the ruins, the beach and even a cave, to really have the proposal of a lifetime documented forever.

Although it started raining again throughout our photo-shoot, it couldn’t have been a more perfect proposal. This was by far the most remarkable day of my life and I cannot WAIT to become Mrs. Ty Hunt and spend forever making him feel like I do every day with him. Don’t worry, I forgave Ty instantly for dragging me through the streets of Mexico – in the rain – to get to the ruins since he did have photographers waiting, who he had never met and couldn’t contact if we were late, who were also taking a chance on us to actually show up by a certain time. And to think, he didn’t plan any of this until a month before we left, keeping this surprise only to himself.

Special thanks to Silva Salas Lehmann of Mayan Riviera Photography and her beautiful soul for the amazing experience and for capturing this day so magically! True love is worth waiting a lifetime for and I’d wait forever and a day for you Ty J.

Special Thanks

Silva Salas Lehmann