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It was a Saturday morning and my sister was over wrapping presents while Stephen and my brother in law (also Stephen) and our friends Nate and Lana were at the movies to see Star Wars. We had planned to have lunch after the movie and then head to the park for the boys to play baseball. I was fighting a cold, hangry, and tired as I called Stephen at 12:30 to tell him I wanted to have lunch soon and if we didn’t, I was going to stay home and eat. Stephen and my sister at the same time said “just eat something small here and then we will go!!” I sucked it up and did what they said. I had no make up on, hair in a top knot, and sweats on while my sister was over and planned to wear them all day. Soon my parents left to run an errand and meg told me it was time to meet them.

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I looked at her cute outfit and thought “I should probably at least do my hair and put on a nice outfit in case we go out somewhere nice” little did I know what was about to happen… the funny thing is I knew the proposal was coming in December and I had stocked my closet with tons of cute clothes knowing I needed to look on point every day cause it could happen any time- BUT the week before, Stephen told me we were going wine tasting with friends on Sunday and I was sold on it happening then so the day before (Saturday) I thought for sure it wouldn’t happen. Back to the story… I changed and did my hair but left the house with no make up and my glasses on! We arrived to the park and they boys were playing catch. I commented to my sister that they boys looked very dressed up to play catch. The boys continued to play and then Nate threw a ball over Stephens head (we learned later that Nate had tried to throw it over like 5 times and Stephen just wasn’t ready) the ball rolled down a long hill behind Stephen and as Stephen ran to get it, he turned around and said “shelby!

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Come look at this dog!” (Totally normal for him as he is obsessed with dogs…) I walked over not thinking anything other than “what kind of dog??” And “he better not talk me into getting one.” As I walked over, I saw the white table cloth, greenery, candles and pictures. I apparently exclaimed “WHAT THE FRICK” when all I was thinking in my head was nonononono I don’t have make up on and I’m not ready is this happening? Then we walked down what seemed like the longest hill of our lives and he got down on one knee for about 5 seconds before I blurted YES! (Good thing we even got a picture haha). All of our family was hiding behind a tree close by which was so fun! Then I learned that wine tasting the next day was a lie the whole time so this would be a surprise. Let me just tell you, I don’t like surprises AND I tend to find out almost everything- so he did good and almost had to make a fake plan to throw me off! I never thought I would get engaged a few hours after my boyfriend had seen Star Wars haha!

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We then headed back to my sister and brother in laws house to have all of our favorite food and drinks! And then I was surprised by most of my closest friends joining us! A few of our favorite things that were served: Moscow mules and red wine, cheese, and annex kitchen mushroom pizza and kale salad. We also had the best cake dropped off by my dear friend Michelle from Sunshine and Sugar Bakery. It was the best day ever.

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Special Thanks

Lana Kennedy
 | Photographer
Megan velo
 | Planning