Shelby and Spencer

How We Met

My sweet fiancé is actually my high school sweetheart. We met in the halls our freshman year through mutual friends. After going back and forth between liking each other or liking other people, Spencer decided to make a move. Of course, I was oblivious! I assumed we had stepped into the friend zone and were simply destined to be great friends but nothing more.

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He asked if I would like to spend time together one day, and I assured him that I would love to, but really needed to spend my time running. He decided to join me! Naturally, I thought nothing of it – he says that was the moment I should have known! “Why would I ever just volunteer to go running?? I was flirting!” Now here we are over four years later, having gone through all of college thus far together, and finally engaged. God is so good.

Shelby's Proposal in Radnor Lake State Park (Tennessee)

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Shelby and Spencer's Engagement in Radnor Lake State Park (Tennessee)

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How They Asked

Spencer shared with me that he had agreed we would be subjects for a photoshoot for a friend who needed practice for their portfolio! This didn’t seem out of the ordinary to me, because we had done that for friends before. I was slightly hesitant to go since I had a test to be studying for that I would have to take the following morning. He assured me this would make for a great study break. I agreed, still nervous about my exam. Once we arrived at the photo shoot destination, we walked back to the spot where we would be meeting our friend. I was blown away by how gorgeous the scenery is. Before I knew it, Spencer was down on one knee and I was struggling to grasp what was happening! He began a thoughtful and momentous speech – that I truly remember none of! He asked me once we got back to his car if I heard a word he said – I replied with “I think I blacked out!” Thankfully our dear friend Maddy recorded the entire thing so I could watch it back and hear his sincere words. This was a day I had prayed over for years. It feels unreal that we are finally here!

Special Thanks

Haydin Olivia
 | Photographer