Shelby and Sam

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How We Met

Sam and I, Shelby, met through Bumble in July 2016. Sam had messaged me for the 3rd time asking if we were ever going to grab a beer. I had been moving houses all day so I was sweaty, hot and gross but I finally agreed and we met up at 7th and Elm, a bar and grill, in Terre Haute Indiana. I arrived before him and was sitting on the balcony (wearing sunglasses the whole date and my hair in a messy bun) I saw what must have been Sam from the pictures I had seen of him and kind of grumbled as I saw his truck was smaller than mine. Sam barely spoke the whole time. I left after one beer to have dinner with my friend Julie. half way through the meal I got a text from Sam saying, “So am I going to see you again?” He ended up telling me he had a gift card from B-Dubs so the following night we went there and caught fireflies at Fairbanks Park. Sam kissed me on that second date and we were inseparable from then on.

how they asked

Sam took me to the Dapper pig in Evansville, IN which is my FAVORITE! We then went ice skating. I love to ice skate but not so much Sam. Sam fell with the ring box in his back pocket and ended up with a huge bruise and scrap on his butt for two weeks. After getting back up and skating a little longer he brought me to the center, got down on one knee. Everyone in the arena stopped and gathered around the edges. Sam asked me to spend forever with him. I of course said YES! and everyone applauded. Sam also had a couple we are friends with hiding out taking pictures of the whole thing!

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Special Thanks

Alison Cole
 | Photographer
Josh Cole
 | Photographer