Shelby and Nick

Image 1 of Shelby and Nick

How We Met

“4 years ago, my best friend called me and said, ‘I just met your wife.'” He continued to tell me about this super cute blonde girl that loved Jesus and he apparently just knew (shoutout Jason!)

I drove back from my summer in Iowa and the first thing I had to do was meet this girl. So I called her out of the blue and she quickly rejected my offer to hang out saying she had to continue moving out of her house but she mentioned she needed some cleaning supplies. So I showed up at her doorstep with a mop, fell in love quickly and the rest is history. -Nick

How They Asked

Biggest surprise of my life. We went to Florida because Nick “won a work trip” (he has won them before so didn’t think anything of it). When we arrived we rode bikes & had a perfect beach day.

He told me to get ready for dinner & me being me, I didn’t & went to dinner w sopping wet hair, not a drop of makeup but threw a dress on.

After dinner, we headed back home, walking the beach as the sun was setting in front of us & over & over I kept saying how amazing the day was & how I truly felt the presence of the Lord (thinking it was bc the ocean). Little did I know, God just wanted to be a part of our proposal day :)

Nick started telling me what he was most excited for in our marriage & got teary eyed telling me (I STILL thought NOTHING besides “wow he loves me a lot” 🤪) Until he said, “isn’t it crazy that 4 years ago I was just walking to bring you a mop and meet you for the first time & now I’m walking to ask you the most important question of my life…With tears running down his face he steps onto a blanket w flowers all over it, reaches his hands out & says, “come here”. Then I basically blacked out but he asked me to marry him & apparently I said yes & screamed a lot 😂 THEN out comes running both of our families (who lied so much, are so sneaky & I was completely shocked !) I proceeded to sob..
He put so much thought and detail & pulled off the biggest best surprise of my life.

We later figured out that without planning or knowing it, Nick proposed on the exact day we met, 4 years later. God has been in every step of our relationship & has gone so far before us & writes the best love stories. We love because He first loved us.