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How We Met

Hello there! My name is Shelby and I am marrying the love of my life Nicholas. Like every good story, there is always a beginning and our starts with the first time I saw the man who I knew would be my future husband. it was June of 2015 and I was going in for an interview at our local grocery store PUBLIX. I was so beyond nervous as this was the first job I had ever had the opportunity of possibly receiving. I walked into the store and immediately looked to my left to see just how crowded the store was as it was lunchtime. And that’s when I saw him. It was as if time had stopped in its tracks but my feet were still moving. I looked at him and thought just how handsome and masculine and tall and perfect this human being was that was standing at the end of one of the registers. our eyes met and my heart dropped I immediately ran all the way to the back of the grocery store thinking okay one: I have an interview that I am extremely nervous for even though I had been studying for two days. And Two: I would have to possibly confront this man to let the manager know that I was here for my interview. The moment had come and I had to suck it up and walk up to the front desk. And at that moment my fear was achieved he was the only one at the front desk… I’m now walking up to the customer service desk with sweaty palms and a nervous wreck when then a girl with blonde hair came around the corner named Megan. Little did I know then, she was going to be one of the maids of honor for the bride at the wedding of the man she is standing next to and the woman who is right in front of her, my sweet Nicholas and I. I told her I was there for an interview and she went directly to the back to get our then customer service manager Jill. As she walked away so did Nick as he was beat red from blushing ear to ear. I complete my interview and as I was leaving very confidently from my interview I saw him , I walked past him smiling and as I walked out the door I could still feel him staring at him as I left probably praying I get the job there with him! HA! A week later I got the acceptance call of the job offer as soon as I got off the phone I couldn’t help but think of him and think this could be my chance to meet him! I started working on a Saturday and of course my first shift ever Nick was also there that day well after a long days work we had to scrub the floors that night. I am mopping with one of my colleagues when he then breaks the scrubbing machine. Low and behold around the corner comes nick. The man I wanted to impress and win over his attention but instead on my first day ever I was apart of a situation that flooded the whole floral department of PUBLIX. needless to say, Nick and I mopped for a good two hours after that…

A couple weeks go by with small talk here and there and I was able to find out the following things about Nicholas: He was single, He had a red sports car, He had a neon green sports bike, He was 22 years old and, he was a Georgia Bulldog fan. One Friday night when we both had to close as I was mopping down the isle Nick comes walking down and as charming as he thought he was I had to deny the offer of his cookies from his lunch table he was eating.. We had not gone out on any dates yet but I figured soon he would ask for my number to go out on a date. That was until word had gone around that I potentially was looking at Nick as eye candy that I had some circumstances come my way. That’s right, Nick was quite the stud so much so he apparently had two girlfriends neither of which he knew about but from their opinions, he was all theirs and id better keep my hands off their man! Once this all came out to Nick he assured the girls that they were not in a relationship nor either friend… I guess that’s what you get when you have a motorcycle. (we will get to that later!) Well to my surprise within the week we were going out on our first date together to PDQ. I was a complete nervous wreck but we managed to get through a two-hour date with no complications other than talking about things that made no sense but I was okay with that. We were together just the two of us and honestly, if we would have just sat there in silence I would have been just as happy. The next week was the firehouse and the following week Bono’s. I guess Nick knew I was the one for him when I paid for his meal and he told me he never had a significant other do that for him before. All I can say is to the girls before me is Thank you for allowing me to have this precious man and showing him what its like to be appreciated.

I couldn’t believe it! Nick and I were actually dating! I figured all my dreams had come true and then some when I said yes to being his girlfriend on 09/18/2015. There was just one more thing I needed him to do to be the ultimate keeper to me. And that was to meet the boy who will always be number one in my heart. My precious lab Buck. I figured well if Buck likes him then I guess he can stay around so after a trip to the house to introduce the two Buck and Nick have been inseparable ever since! Then came the motorcycle. Now if anybody knew me before I met Nicholas they would never suspect me as a girl who would be into guys who like sports cars and motorcycles but hey opposites attract right? Well, I knew I had to get it over sooner or later so on we went! and soon after that, I realized I had a new found love for motorcycles even though Nick has bought and sold three alone since we have been together because he is too picky and always likes to change things. HA! Fast forward a couple years and Nick and I couldn’t be happier! In May of 2017, Nick and I made the decision to get a baby brother for Buck as well as drive over 10 hours in one day to go and get a Jeep Wrangler. We were so thrilled to have received our most recent precious addition our German shepherd Bearett. Within a month I had to have an emergency appendix removal which is when I realized Nick was going to be the one for me. I was bedridden for two days and Nicholas had to do everything for me. I have never had such a kind and gentle soul to make sure I was okay day and night and came to be by my side every second of the day. He truly is an angel to me. Soon after Nick and I bought a home together in January of 2018 and that is when I realized my dreams were coming true. I had found my soul mate and I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life loving him!

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So before I tell you about the proposal, let me go ahead and say that when it comes to secrets Nick is terrible at hiding them from me due to his nervous mindset. But, it’s one of the many things that come along with loving him. I am a self-proclaimed control freak so therefore surprises and secrets are not really my forte even though I love a good surprise every now and again! So after a couple months of settling into out beautiful new home with our two boys Buck and Bearett, we decided to go and look at rings together. After browsing at a couple stores I soon realized I have a one of a kind love so why not have a ring to match? I put my pencil to paper and being drawing. 3 weeks of drawing to be exact. I wanted my engagement ring to symbolize our lives coming together as one. Our love that feels eternal for each other to be showcased in a way that would be elegant and beautiful which is exactly how Nick makes me feel every day of my life I am with him. So after long nights and weeks with one another, we finally came up with a design and started the process of designing my forever ring. Well with our lives catching up with us with our home and boys I had almost forgotten all about the ring itself as two months had passed by in the blink of an eye. Even though we were not engaged yet we had already picked a date and looked at venues because in my eyes this was going to be the man I was going to marry and I did not need a ring to showcase my love for him and or put halt on designing any part of our wedding.. like I mentioned I am OCD and yes I know the wedding is over a year away but it is never too soon to plan for one of the greatest days of our lives together!

Until one day I had noticed that Nick was acting a little off one week. He was a little more on his toes and more nervous than usual. He claimed he was just stressed at work but when you live with someone you notice when something is up even when they try to hide it. so I played it cool as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening and as I had mentioned in the beginning I am a control freak when it comes to events in Nick and I’s life. So when he told me one Friday we were going out to dinner and to dress up I knew right then and there this was going to be the day I have waited my whole life for, the day the love of my life was going to ask me to marry him.

So we head out in Nicks Truck to Jacksonville Beach. It was extremely windy and I just kept thinking to myself this is not happening right now. Nick asks me if I would like to take a walk and as I grab his hand It was a little more limp than normal. Nick was sweating terribly and I just kept thinking I did not understand why he is acting so nervous when we have been together for almost 3 years….why is he now this nervous? As we walk to the beach pavilion I am gathered by our closest family and as I’m now feeling sick to my stomach thinking oh my goodness this is it! HE IS REALLY GOING TO ASK ME! Without another moment more Nick grabs my hand and turns around to face me. The waterworks were turned on full steam and it looked like a waterfall on my face. Nick handed me a beautiful handwritten letter to which to this day I still can’t remember what is full says other than ” I’m not really good with words.. but” and as I am reading this, there it was. My amazingly handsome best friend was on one knee holding my hand asking me to become his future Mrs.Corneau. Just as I thought I got myself together I saw my beautiful ring. The one we spent and I really mean Nick spent designing this gorgeous symbol of our love. Two infinity’s placed directly in one another symbolizing our two lives and eternal love for one another becoming one. Without a doubt, I said yes and I could not have imagined this moment to be any more beautiful. It was as if it was just the two of us there together at that moment. I had forgotten all about the people who stopped to take pictures and were cheering us on from every angle. I was looking at my best friend, my rock, my soulmate, and now my future husband.

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