Shelby and Morgan

How We Met

Morgan and I met at Linfield College. We were both taking a tennis class, but it wasn’t till the summer after that year that he messaged me on Facebook. We hit it off right away. But it was June when he messaged me and we lived in different states. So it wasn’t till school had started back up that we actually got to hang out. We just clicked. I had actually texted me, mom, the night we hung out for the first time and told her that he’s the one!

How They Asked

We were out with some friends in the morning/early afternoon on the 4th. Morgan has missed a call from his mom when we were out, so when we got back, he walked around back to call her back, or so I thought. The friends we were out with and I worked our way into the house and we headed out back because I noticed more people were there than I thought there would be for our 4th of July party.

Shelby's Proposal in Our house in the backyard

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our house in the backyard

Where to Propose in Our house in the backyard

Proposal Ideas Our house in the backyard

I walked out I instantly started crying when I saw Morgan in front of the white backdrop with pictures. His words “you’re the honey mustard to my fries, you make me so happy, will you marry me?” That’s when I said yes and fell to my knees to hug him and kiss him. And of course, he had to ice me because that’s what we do haha ????

Our Video

Special Thanks

Dillon Vanaken (brother)
 | Photographer
Gabby Maddaluna (friend)
 | Photographer
Kyrie Hughes (best friend)
 | Planning