Shelby and Mitchell

How We Met

Mitchell and I have known each other for years, we were always just acquaintances, nothing special just a “hi” and “how are you?” in our passings and at gatherings. That was until April of 2017. I had recently gone through a breakup and decided I need to get the girls together for a night out on the town, so who’s better than to call up my girls, Abby & Madeline for a good time?! We went out that Friday evening and ended up at the usual bar hangout, The Orchard. Mitchell & I saw each other at the bar at spoke a few words.. or maybe I did more of the talking. He says all I could talk about was “how I was single and I needed no man!” (LOL). Friday night passed, and Saturday morning rolled around. I was chitchatting with my mom about how nice & cute Mitchell Wolff always was and how I thought him & another friend of mine would just be the cutest couple. My parents both looked at me with confused stares, my mom made the comment “Why are you trying to pawn him off to someone else?!

Maybe you should get to know him!” I laughed and just carried on my way. Later that evening I met up with my girls again to watch Matt Poss Band play at the local bar in Altamont. ( I promise I’m not a bar junkie, it was just that kind of weekend!) Little did I know, Mitchell would be there! As the night went on I began to get a little liquid courage as they call it; Mitchell walked up to our table to tell us, girls, goodbye and I just lunged in for a tight hug (We can all laugh about my obnoxiousness now). He left – went on his way, but I wasn’t just done yet.

My parents told me to call them when the girls and I were ready for a ride home, which I never did, instead, I called Mitchell. Now the funny part about me calling Mitchell is I did not have his phone number nor any contact on social media with him! Instead, I used one of the other girl’s phones and called him off Facebook – yes, I had no idea you could do that until that night! (I sure was persistent!!) He agreed to pick us girls and take us back to my house and the rest is history…!

I would love to say Mitchell and I have some high school sweetheart story but we don’t – nor would I change it for the world. After that one Saturday night, we became inseparable. We drove around for hours talking and jamming to some Jon Pardi (I’m pretty sure we listened to the CD 5 times in one night). Something about us just clicked. Mitchell has a fulltime job as a Crop Specialist in our area, so we started our relationship in the prime of planting season and also in the prime of my finals in nursing school, but somehow we survived and only came out of those busy seasons stronger. I couldn’t be prouder of him for being such a hard worker and his motivation definitely rubbed off on me – I graduated and landed my first big girl job as an RN, BSN at a hospital in our area.

how they asked

The big proposal…! To be honest, we talked about it for a few months. Back in the spring, Mitchell had mentioned something to me about possibly looking at rings at our local jeweler’s, I kind of took the hint & went looking but was never too serious about it. We still had a lot to figure out – I hadn’t graduated yet and was still in the prime of job interviews.

As the months past our summer was so busy, I never thought twice about it. BOY, was I in for a surprise! Everyone jokes that Mitchell had perfect opportunities all the time. We went on vacation with my family to Gulf Shores, Alabama – No beach proposal there. We had professional pictures at our county fair – No fair proposal there. Instead, our proposal was everything and more than I expected. It was a usual Friday night, we were supposedly headed out to the farm to check beans that Mitchell’s dad had asked him to look at. We went driving through the farm and the beans looked okay in my opinion (but what do I know?) Mitchell jumped out of the truck and shut the truck off, I was a little sassy because it was so hot and his response was “Well, you can get out with me!” (FINE, I did.) Little did I know what was about to happen.

Mitchell talked about how much it would mean to him to eventually build a house out by the farm and how important it was to him because of his Grandma. I couldn’t agree more, it’s such a beautiful spot. He spoke a few more words and then said he wanted to build a not only a house but a life with his best friend – I turned around to see him on one knee & water works immediately started! I eventually was able to choke up the word, YES! & that is our love story.