Shelby and Kevin

Image 1 of Shelby and Kevin

How We Met

When Kevin and I first met we were both looking to be just friends, but God had a much bigger plan for us. One evening my friends and I decided to go to a local church festival. FESTIVALS are HUGE in our hometown. So we go, listen to live music, drink a few beers, and decide to head over to a little bar down the street. I walked in expecting to have a regular, fun night with my friends but when I look up from across the bar I see this unbelievably tall (he’s 6’6) and handsome guy. It took me by surprise because I have been to this bar multiple times and never saw him walk in!

Image 2 of Shelby and Kevin

So immediately he notices me as well and we keep making eye contact. Both of us were too shy to walk over to the other for the first hour but we continued the eye contact.. At this point I was dying inside to talk to him, DYING! So I decided I was going to give it a shot and walk over towards him and use the restroom. I was praying he would stop me! But before I got to the restroom one of his friends stopped me and said OMG I KNOW YOUR SISTER! We talked for a few minutes and I asked him about Kevin.

Image 3 of Shelby and Kevin

He paused and said I’m his brother and I would love to introduce you! Before I knew it I was walking over to him. Heart pounding, stomach in a knot, but hoping for the best! Little did I know that it would be the best conversation, a lot of laughs, an exchange of phone numbers, and a kiss on the cheek before he left. The next few weeks we spent every second together. We couldn’t get enough of each other!

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how they asked

Scroll forward a year and a half later it’s Christmas 2016. I had the stomach flu, it was TERRIBLE. Kevin told me he was planning something huge for my present but I had zero clue what was in store. He gave a small box and inside was a piece of paper with our trip information to Glacier National Park in Montana. This was my DREAM! I’ve always wanted to go and he actually made me dream a reality. So scroll forward to June 1st 2017, we arrive in Montana. It was breath-taking! I couldn’t imagine being there with anyone else.

Image 5 of Shelby and Kevin

This was the trip of a lifetime and someone my perfect boyfriend made it even more amazing. The second day we were there we decided to do a 6 mile hike. By the end we were sitting on a log, looking at the most beautiful scenery and Kevin turned to me. He started saying how ” I know you wanted your friends, and family here, but I thought this could be us just like it will be for the rest of our lives” at this moment I instantly started crying.

Image 6 of Shelby and Kevin

He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. A few days later we got these engagement photos taken! Every day with him has been better than the last. I truly know I have met my soul mate in life, and I can’t wait to spend forever with him.

Image 7 of Shelby and Kevin

Special Thanks

Amanda Wilson
 | Photographer