Shelby and Justin

How We Met: Justin and I met when he was a180008_1733087800765_6566517_n
senior and I was a sophomore in high school on MySpace (how romantic, right?). Before he graduated he told me that he wanted to be friends, so I was under the impression that he wasn’t interested in a relationship.

Over the next eight or so months he would continue to keep in touch with me through his first two semesters of college. Two days before Valentine’s Day in 2011 he gave me a teddy bear with a sign around its neck that said, “Will you go out with me?” I happily agreed and we have been dating ever since!

how they asked: Justin started the day off by asking me if I wanted to go on a picnic for dinner that night, which wasn’t unusual as we both love picnicking and spending time outside.

He picked me up around four and declared that he really wanted to play mini golf before we went on this picnic, so we went to the local mini golf palace and played 18 holes.

When we were finished, he decided that we should get ice cream (at a shop on the complete opposite side of town), and while I was a bit confused on why we were getting ice cream before dinner, I certainly wasn’t about to turn down an ice cream date!

Following the ice cream, we drove to the grocery to grab a packable dinner – which ended up being pizza and nacho lunchables – and we headed to the Henry Clay Estate to finally have this long awaited picnic. When we got there, we walked to the middle of a clearing that was free of any people and Justin pointed out that it “looked like somebody left something on a bench” close to where I was about to put the blanket down.

As we walked closer to the bench I realized that it was very carefully set up with a blanket and a familiar looking teddy bear that had a sign around its neck that read “remember me?” He then explained to me how he had coordinated with my parents and searched through my childhood room through old totes of my stuff from high school until he found the bear that he gave me when he first asked me to be his girlfriend. He reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a little red box, got down on one knee and asked me to be his bride.

IMG_6579 copy

Through the happiest tears of my life I agreed, and out came several of his good friends from grad school with cameras and a few of my close friends from behind the trees surrounding where we were standing.

IMG_6591 copy

We spent the rest of the night grabbing dinner with everybody involved and celebrating the fact that we are now ENGAGED!

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