Shelby and Joseph

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How We Met

It was the Fall semester of my freshman year of college (2013), that’s when we met. I remember him, mostly because when we were all going around saying our names and his turn came, he said “My name’s Argo” as if that was a normal name. He just stuck with me from that day on. But it wouldn’t be for another year until we would actually exchange more meaningful words and glances. And that he would ask me out for dinner amongst the forest of tree that made up the Apple Orchard we’d gotten lost in that day.

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how they asked

I was shaking. My knees were knocking and I could barely read the words in front of me from the tears welling up in my eyes. I knew he was close, but I wasn’t sure where. I knew what was about to happen, but I wasn’t sure how I’d missed all of the signs. I knew that at any moment, he would appear and it would take everything in me not to wrap myself around him and never let go.

I heard footsteps behind me, but I couldn’t turn around and face him. I waited. I waited for him to graciously tap my shoulder and say with quivers in his voice “You know I love you”. There’s something about the way he tears up that makes me love him even more than I thought I could. Something about the way he’s not afraid to feel, not afraid to love, to fight, to learn, to grow, to live that makes me want to be more like him.

Before he said another word I wrapped my arms around his neck and refused to let him go. He sweetly tried to push himself free of me and reluctantly I set him free of my arms. Words were exchanged, but for the life of me I don’t remember any of them. I was being flooded with feelings that took precedence over the conversation being had.

The words I grew up imagining being said to me. The words that I, for a time of my life, didn’t know would ever be said to me. Those words rolled off of his tongue as if they were a cheery “hello” and I felt my heart fall into his, knowing that I had found a place my heart could call home, with his.

“Will you marry me?” he said.

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And of course, that was the easiest ‘yes’ to ever escape my lips.

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From the moment I met him, I knew he was good for me. Even before my heart let him into all that was me. The emotions, the moods, the anxiety, all of it. I’d never met anyone in my entire life that made me laugh the way he did. Anyone who made me feel understood and loved. Anyone who taught me how to have fun. Anyone who showed me Jesus the way he did. It was always him. It will always be him.

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I’ve become a better person everyday that he’s been in my life and I’ve become a better Christ follower. He was everything I needed and wanted before I even knew it. He pursued me with the purest intentions and motives. He didn’t let the trends of modern dating and relationships take home in our relationship. He let Christ guide us through the past two years and I know that it is by His grace and His grace alone that we’ve found each other.

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Christ saved my soul and I find myself believing that Argo is an extension of Christ’s love, leading me, loving me, serving me, and showing me the adventure that a relationship in Christ can be.

Through every hard season, every tear filled conversation to every sunny day filled with freedom I can’t imagine anyone else by my side. My heart is filled to the brim with love and joy that I am living a life that far exceeded any expectation I had for myself.

When you choose a life with Christ and you put your faith into his plan for your life, you get exceedingly more that you could ever imagine. All you have to do is believe. Believe that He knows what’s better for you than you ever could. Fall into his grace and sovereignty and you’ll live a life that shows the gospel.

I wake up in awe of my life. Despite the Depression and Anxiety, I am filled with joy. Despite the doubting and fear I fight through, it’s moments like that when Christ is so present and working in my life. I wouldn’t change a moment of my life, because they all have gotten me here.

I love you Joseph Argo and I cannot wait to be your Bride. I cannot wait to serve you and love you. To push you and support you in all things. To be your biggest fan and your best friend. It’s always been you.

-Future Mrs. Shelby Argo.

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