Shelby and John

How We Met

I knew my now fiancé meeting as freshmen at the young age of 14. One day in class, a friend of mine was wondering what guys could potentially ask us to homecoming, she asked me, what about at about John? I chuckled and said, “I don’t think he’s my type.” But boy was I wrong, I soon realized that guy actually had a lot to offer: he was incredibly intelligent, answered all the questions in class correctly, nailed every sport he attempted, and could drive! I started to crush.

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in HopCat, East Lansing

Months passed and I asked him to the next dance (funny how that worked out). And he said yes! We hit it off and quickly fell for each other. We dated throughout the rest of high school. We soon realized we were taking different paths for college and we decided to break up. Those 5 years apart, I always wondered what he was up to. He was a love I never experienced before. Gladly, he felt the same. We met one day for what we thought was just a quick drink to catch up, turned into hours and hours of conversation. There was no doubt that the chemistry was still there. Our love brought us back together.

How They Asked

Flash forward to Valentine’s Day 2019, he took me back to his college town, took me to the restaurant where we had our first date after all these years, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Dinner was exceptional but Ill never forget how he made me feel that night. It’s been 12 years, and now I get to marry my high school sweetheart. If soul mates exist, he is mine.