Shelby and John Henry

How We Met

John Henry Styles and I met my junior year of high school in ceramics class. He was the senior who was headed off to Stanford University to play division one baseball and I was the junior determined to enjoy every last second of high school. Fate has a funny way of showing you that you don’t always know best. After a month of falling for him, John Henry asked me to be his girlfriend on October 26th, 2013. My feet haven’t touched the ground since. Countless flights from Texas to Palo Alto, endless hours of watching baseball, and soaking in every second of our always too short visits, have been our routine for the last five and a half years. Our love has overcome distance, tragedy, and time. It shows me that nothing is too scary, exciting, or intimidating for our love to overcome. I knew as a junior in high school that I would one day marry John Henry, and on February 23, 2019, we got one step closer to making that dream a reality. The night before heading to Costa Rica, as he got down on one knee, John Henry asked me to be his wife. We spent the rest of the perfect night celebrating with our families and friends from across the country. I knew it then, and I’ll know it forever, John Henry Styles is going to make the best husband and father and I cannot wait to be his bride.

How They Asked

John Henry took me to the most beautifully decorated rooftop. The sun was setting and the weather was perfect. Through tears, he asked, and I said yes, the words were a blur but at that moment he made me the happiest woman on earth.

Our Video