Shelby and Jared

How We Met

Jared and I started talking in January of 2017 through mutual friends. We talked every day and I instantly knew that I liked this kid. We had so much in common and loved all the same things. We were both busy people though and Jared is incredibly shy so it took him awhile to ask me out but he finally did and we decided that our first date would be at an Avalanche hockey game. Now mind you, we had never met each other so when Jared picked me up at my apartment I had no idea what to expect. Thank God I am an outgoing person because Jared is not so he was kind of awkward at first but the date went well and we bonded over hockey.

After that we kept talking every day, we went on another date to go rock climbing (where we ran into Jared’s boss, super awkward) and from then on we spent literally every day together. During all of this time together Jared and I spent almost every weekend fishing and camping. He taught me to fly fish and it quickly became “our thing.” It was what we loved to do and some of my favorite memories are from our early days of fishing. However, there is one place that is the most special place to us. It’s called Eleven Mile Canyon and it’s the place where we first went camping together. On this camping trip, we couldn’t have a fire so we were just sitting in the pitch black talking and looking at the stars and it was in that moment that I knew I loved Jared and wanted to spend my life with him.

how they asked

Jared and I knew pretty early on in our relationship that we wanted to get married. So we talked a lot about it and I talked a lot about it with my mom too (this comes into play later). Jared and I at the end of March moved in together. So at the end of March, he called both my parents and asked both of them for permission (of course they said yes, they LOVE Jared) and ordered my dream ring (with the help of my mom of course). So for almost 3 weeks everyone in my family, Jared’s family, and my best friends knew this was happening and I was clueless. So anyways early that week Jared asked me if I wanted to go fishing the following Saturday. Nothing out of the ordinary so I said of course and he told me that his brother Josh would be coming too. Again nothing weird Josh came with us frequently (However, Josh is also a photographer so he was going to capture the whole thing). My mom’s birthday was also Friday, April, 13th and earlier that week my dad told me that he was surprising my mom and going to Lake Geneva for the weekend to celebrate. I was so excited for them and kept telling my mom how awesome the gift my dad got her is and she’ll be so surprised. Well, the joke was on me because they weren’t going to Lake Geneva. They were coming to Colorado to surprise me because Jared was proposing!

So fast forward to Saturday (We were going to our favorite place, which is the same place that we took our first camping trip and I knew I wanted to marry Jared). Jared was adamant that we leave early and we were picking Josh up at a park and ride. I thought this was weird because Jared’s parents lived right down the street but I was told that Josh had already been rock climbing at 7:00 am and it was easier. Whatever I didn’t argue. We finally get to 11 Mile (after Josh left his fishing pole at home so we had to go there anyway. Jared’s mom freaked out and told Jared I better not go in there because it was already decorated for the engagement party) and it was a great day of fishing!

I ended up catching a gorgeous trout and it was my first time catching a fish there so I was ecstatic! Jared kept telling me that we needed to start heading out but I was so into fishing that I kept saying 10 more casts and then we’ll go, 5 more casts and then we’ll go until finally, we started packing up (Meanwhile this whole time Josh was pretending to take pictures of the scenery and us fishing). Jared was taking the fly off my rod and pretended to drop it and I was right behind him and all of a sudden he pulled a box out and there was a gorgeous, sparkling ring right in front of me and I truly blacked out. I cried a lot and yelled, “are you serious Clark” (Christmas Vacation, anyone?). We hugged and kissed and I cried some more and Josh got the whole thing on camera. It was such a magical, amazing day. And little did I know it was about to get even more magical.

So we were leaving the canyon and there is no service. I had to wait another 30 minutes before I could tell anyone the news. I texted my family group chat and my brother told me to call him when his wife got home so they could see and my parents never said a word. Didn’t answer my calls either. I was pissed but figured they were doing something in Lake Geneva. We finally get to Jared’s house and I walk in the door and everyone was standing in the doorway yelling “surprise!”. My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, Jared’s Parents, his sister who is in school in Kansas, my best friend from Kansas. Everyone was there. I was bawling my eyes out but truly have never been happier. So we all spent the rest of the night celebrating! It was honestly a fairytale.

*side note-we had been fishing so I was wearing a baseball hat, leggings and a sweatshirt. With no makeup and fishy stuff all over my hands. I looked disgusting. Jared asked that morning if I wanted to bring makeup and I said no. I also Broke a nail and my mom all week kept telling me to go get them done. I didn’t (eye roll). All makes sense now.