Shelby and Ian

How We Met

Ian and I went to the same high school. We were both in band, but we didn’t meet until the night of homecoming 2008. We shared mutual friends and became close friends for the next few years. During this time we had numerous fights, but we could never stop speaking to each other for long.

Finally in the Fall of 2010, Ian and I had started spending a lot more time together, just the two of us and we talked to each other ever single day. We were supposed to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 midnight showing with a few friends, but fate would have it that their parents wouldn’t let them stay out that late on a school night, so it was just Ian and I. I left two days later to spend the week in NYC before performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Every time I would check my phone, I had a message from Ian checking up on me. We had made plans to hang out when I came home. Ian took me to Handel’s ice cream, we rented a movie, and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

The rest is history. We went to the same high school, same college, and I moved 6.5 hours away with him to attend graduate school, while I began my teaching career.

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how they asked

Williamsburg has always been a special place for me. My family used to vacation there every year, and I also love history. Last year Ian and I went to Williamsburg to celebrate our anniversary, and in July he had called to tell me he had already made reservations for us to go to Williamsburg right before Christmas again. I tried to play it off that I wasn’t too excited, but by August I had already made a count down.

Ian dropped me off at school that morning, so we wouldn’t have to back track on our way to Williamsburg. When he picked me up I assured him I went to the restroom and we wouldn’t need to stop at all, so we could make it to our dinner reservation on time. He laughed and said well that’s too bad because I’m gonna need to stop. When we drive to Ohio to visit our family, Ian usually on makes one stop, which is why I was so confused when Ian made a restroom stop, a gas stop, and he seemed to be driving slow on what should have been about a 3.5 hour drive. I thought we were never going to get there.

Finally we parked by the bookstore in Colonial Williamsburg, and I told Ian that I needed to go inside to look for a present for my dad. He seemed kind of antsy but agreed. After a few minutes he said, we’ll be back tomorrow, we need to go get dinner and I want to make one more stop first. We started walking down the street and Ian said I want to stop by the Governor’s Palace before dinner. We turned and started walking down the road toward the Palace. On the green I could see some lights, but honestly I was too busy avoiding the horse poop to pay close attention. As we got closer Ian said, “hey Shelby what’s that?” I looked up and got silent as he led me onto the green surrounded by tea light candles and a light up sign that read “will you marry me”. As we stood there for a moment Ian looked passed me and said “you can come out now”. I was so confused at this point as he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him. After saying yes, I turned around to see my mom, Ian’s mom, and my grandma on FaceTime . Then I began to hear more familiar voices. Ian had invited our family and friends there to celebrate with us.

It had always been a family tradition that on the first night in Williamsburg we would have a pasta dinner. So for dinner my mom had ordered our favorite two pastas from MVR Restaurant in Youngstown. We ate pasta and celebrated all night. The next morning we woke up and went back to walk around Colonial Williamsburg, before going to Christmastown at Busch Gardens.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Governor's Palace- Williamsburg, VA