Shelby and Harrison


How We Met

We’ve gone to the same church since my fifth, his sixth grade year. We met in bible drill class and have always had the same friend group ever since. Although aside from small conversations spread throughout the years, we didn’t talk until the end of my last year of high school in 2015.

how they asked

He had told me to dress up so that we could take spring pictures at his lake house. We had been lounging around all day and then met his parents at the pier on the “beach” for pictures. His grandfather was taking pictures and his mom suggested that we get some of just the two of us. After his family stepped off, he suggested we try a different pose and turned me toward him. That is when he told me how much he loved me and got down on one knee to ask me to marry him. He was so nervous that he opened the ring box upside down.

His family had left us alone and then we went back to his lake house to see them. When we arrived, his father escorted us to the dock behind the house where a candlelit dinner was set up with all of my favorite foods. And we ate at sunset. It was the most romantic  night.