Shelby and Greg

how we met

We met in January of 2018 in the emergency room while we were both working! Greg is an ER doctor and I am an ER nurse. We were taking care of the same patient when we saw each other. We will never forget that patient, not only because that is how we met, but because the only words/sound the patient made while in our care was “meow”. He meowed like a cat the whole time in the ER. Greg and I thought it was the funniest thing. It has continued to be an inside joke between us ever since. We also found out that shift that we had the same birthday, Dec. 5th. We were instant friends since this day, and always knew there was something special between us.

how they asked

I found out Greg had the ring for two months before just waiting for the “right time”. Since we have the same birthday, Dec. 5th, we were going to Las Vegas to a Jason Aldean concert (he is my favorite) and also going to the National Finals Rodeo (because I still rodeo too!) to celebrate. Greg planned on proposing at dinner, with plans to make it all romantic. We went to a nice restaurant, and had the most romantic evening. Part of me thought he was going to propose because we had gone and looked at rings three months prior, but I waited and waited… and nothing happened! I thought in my head, “Okay, maybe at the concert tomorrow”, but nope nothing happened. I then thought, “…okay, he is waiting for the rodeo because rodeo is my passion in life”, but nope… nothing happened. The next day on the way home he could tell that I was sad. When we back to his house, I went to take a nap because I was so sad and confused. It was raining outside and Greg asked me to go for a walk. I said no because it sounded like the last thing I wanted to do, take a walk in the rain while I am sad… So he sat down in the bed next to me and asked what is wrong. I told him that I was sad because I didn’t understand why he didn’t know he wanted to be with me, and he smirked. I asked him why he thought it was funny, and he said “hold on”, reaching over and grabbing the ring out of his bag. He turned to me and asked me to marry him, while beginning to cry! I was in total shock, and the last thing I expected was him to ask when we got home from the trip! He said he planned on asking on our birthday, however when we got to Vegas that it just felt too cliche and didn’t want our story to start in Vegas but that he did not know he would feel that way until he got there. It was a complete surprise. He said he had so many ideas in his head on how to propose but he just couldn’t watch me be sad and wait any longer!

Special Thanks

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