Shelby and Dylen

Shelby and Dylen's Engagement in On stage at a Granger Smith concert

How We Met

Ever since I met Dylen in 2016 I knew that he was going to be the one I marry. Throughout our relationship, music was a huge help in explaining how we felt about each other. Ever since the beginning of our relationship, and to this day, we would often send each other songs that expressed how we felt about eachother. Granger Smith was a top artist. Granger Smith has been my all-time favorite artist since 2015. On our first date, Dylen picked me up playing one of my favorite Granger songs and I knew I was going to marry this man.

How They Asked

On our third night of seeing Granger Smith live and my 10th time seeing him on my own, Dylen managed to find a way on stage to pop the question. He always told me Granger would be a part of our proposal but never in a million years would I ever expect such an amazing proposal.

Proposal Ideas On stage at a Granger Smith concert