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How We Met

Dylan and I met in August 2011. I had just started working at our local grocery store. He came in one night when I was working and was getting several 12-packs of sodas (the kind with the pop-in handle). I started checking him out and whacking the soda cases to pop the handle in as I scanned them, not even thinking twice. He said “Whoa! Don’t break a nail!” I blushed and I remember thinking he was so cute! We had some small talk, but he left. I never thought anything would come of it. The next day, I got a friend request on Facebook from him. Still, nothing really came of it. He didn’t message me or anything. Fast-forward a couple of days: I was texting my friend Frank and all of a sudden, out of nowhere Frank says, “Hey, do you know Dylan? He thinks you’re cute!” Long story short, we officially met through Frank and the rest was history.

It was funny because at the time Frank was texting me, he was with Dylan. Dylan kept saying, “Hey, do you know this Shelby girl?” Frank didn’t respond. He tried again a few minutes later and said “So do you know this Shelby girl?” Frank said, “Dude, why are you reading my texts?” It just happened to be a coincidence that Frank was texting me while Dylan was thinking of me. It is so neat how things work out. We have now been dating for 5 years and have had the time of our lives! Two people couldn’t fit together any better than Dylan and I. Our relationship is an adventure in which we forgot our map, but the best adventure is one without a map!

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One of our favorite pastimes was going to our local drive-in theater. It made for such a great date night! I think there was once summer where we went twice a week (mind you, it was a 35 minute drive). This past summer, we hadn’t got to go to the drive-in hardly at all. We were both pretty bummed about it because we loved it there. It was like our second home. I had just graduated college so I was busy job hunting as was he. We had both just been very busy with life. We made plans to go there on July 8th and we made an unbreakable deal that we would go. It had been far too long! July 8th came and we spent our whole morning yard-saling (another favorite pastime). Later in the day, we got ready to go to the drive-in. On the way there, it started raining pretty heavily. He asked me if I wanted to go back home, but he was giving me this look like he wanted me to say no.

I told him that I still wanted to go, we could just stay in the car. We got to the drive-in and started settling down. The rain had started to lighten up and it was getting really dark. The previews were about to start. As the previews (or what I thought were the previews) started, he turned up his radio and pulled me out of the car and towards the front of the drive-in. I heard one of our favorite songs start playing over the speakers. It was odd because the song was from a band that is not well-known. I looked up at the big screen and started bawling. It was a video of our 5 years playing for everybody to see. He had put together a video of a bunch of snippets from our relationship. He always carried his camera around. He had so many videos that I had completely forgotten about and some that I had never seen. As the video was playing, I turned to see his friend videoing us. Cars were turning on their lights to see us. He ended the video with the question “Will You Marry Me?” Of course I said yes!

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