Shelby and Drew

How We Met

In 2018, while in town from Houston, I was getting my hair done by Trish Shaffet who just so happened to be Drew’s hair stylist as well. Trish was insistent that we meet. She showed me a few photos of Drew and said she would have him contact me. In February of 2019, I moved back home to Baton Rouge and in June, Drew finally took Trish’s advice and asked me to dinner. We had a great first date at Bin 77 where we spent hours talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. During the date, I received about 15 wellness checks from my two best friends. They were trying to get in touch with me to see how the date was going, to which I finally responded “I’m going to marry this man!

How They Asked

Drew and I had been working on renovating his home during quarantine for a few months to make it into our home together for Drew, myself, and my dog Piper. On May 1st, Drew and I invited friends over to our house for dinner. My friend Brooke and I offered to go pick dinner up for the group. As we arrived back and unpacked the food in the kitchen, Drew asked me to come into the living room. He and his son came into the living room along with my dog Piper; Piper was wearing a new diamond collar. Drew insisted I look at Piper’s new “sparkly” collar. He told me he thought Piper deserved a new diamond collar for all of her hard work throughout the renovations to our home. The next thing I can remember is him getting down on one knee saying “I thought you deserved something nice to, will you marry me?”. It was the happiest moment of my life, to which I responded “YES”. We quickly called a few of our family members and other close friends to come over and celebrate with us. The night couldn’t have been more perfect having him ask me to marry him in our first home together surrounded by those we love most.

Special Thanks