Shelby and David

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How We Met

One word: Tinder. David heard about the app through KROQ and decided to download it to give it a try and see what the hype was about. I heard about the app through my friends. After saying I would never get the app, I was sick one day and caved in and decided to see what the entertainment was, but told myself she would never met anyone… It’s too risky! David swiped yes to me first and waited about a week for me to swipe right to him. I saw his profile and never took so long to say yes or no (swipe left or right) on someone on tinder before (Seriously, I stared at his profile for like over 2 minutes.. Which is long for my tinder swiping! haha!) I was a little quick to judge: Handsome gym guy, he has to be the stereotypical gym junky…that is what made my afraid to swipe right.Well, I decided if he was the typical gym guy, I wouldn’t keep the conversation going with him. Well, I was WAY off. From the start, David has always been a gentleman. Between David sending the first message, carrying a conversation, and being persistent on asking me on a date, I finally said yes with a nervous stomach, but trusting heart. Our first date consisted of going to Slater’s 50/50 and talking non-stop for 3+ hours. (This was David’s test to see if I would actually order a burger instead of a salad. I passed with out a doubt. I sure do love my cheeseburgers! haha) Moral of the story: Never say never… You just might meet your match and end up planning a wedding 3 years later! ;)

how they asked

Jaime (our photographer) and I have been friends for a little over three years now as we are both wedding photographers. David didn’t meet her until I booked her to photograph our 2 year dating anniversary photos for May of 2016. With being in the photography industry, we have quite a few photography friends who we have worked with, but David just was blown away by Jaime and shortly after our session, he contacted her to photograph the proposal. I have been told there was no plan, but he was aiming to have it done by November 2016 until him and Jaime came up with the best plan. We were already planning on going to France with Jaime, for a wedding photography workshop in April. In June, I got a call from her saying, “Some of us will be in Paris a few days early to tour Paris. What are your thoughts about coming a few days early? I would love for you two to model in front of the Eiffel Tower too!” I’ll be honest, after the calls something in my head told me that the proposal might happen there. But then I started to thinking, that is a year out. We have been talking about it so much lately that it most likely wont happen then. Well, I just let it slide and not think about it. Through out the year Jaime, David, and everyone else who knew kept it a secret SO WELL. I still started second guessing it was going to happen. We took time to plan out details about how the “styled shoot” would look like. From looking on Pinterest for location ideas, shopping in LA for the perfect dress and suit, and even how my hair and makeup looked. Through out all this “girly” planning that Jaime and I were doing, she was also planning with David about how the proposal was going to go down! AHH! The session we were “modeling for” was a sunrise session and I was going to wake up at 4:00 AM to get ready to be out the door for 6:00 AM. I randomly woke up at earlier than planned and only got about 1 hour of sleep. I couldn’t fall back asleep because I was freaking out, “Oh my gosh. It might happen today.” I started to get ready, David woke up to get ready, and everyone else who helped started to get ready. As we were all getting ready, NOTHING was different.(Besides Nick, (of Motivity Films) filming us but as Jaime said, it was to help “advertise” for destination session. But Nick kept following David around. hahah! Other than that, nothing was different and I really started to think, “Maybe it’s not happening.” Just because everyone played their cool!

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We headed out and started our modeling session. During this time, his hands were a little clamy and his heart was starting to race. I was having too much fun during the shoot to really get nervous with him.

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His heart raced harder and his hands become more wet. I then started to think, okay, it might be happening soon. But my “soon” was thinking at the END of the session. I was also thinking that Jaime would have used another way of posing for him to pop the question. She had us go into “prom pose” I didn’t think of it at all, but his heart sure was racing! Jaime says, “David, go ahead and tie your shoe.”

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I instantly start thinking, “I was just looking at his shoes. He doesn’t have laces. I bought those shoes with him… OH WAIT…. HE ISN’T GETTING UP!! IT’S HAPPENING!!!!” I then blurted out, “I knew it!” But I meant to keep that to myself! hahahah! But he said that it made him feel so much better knowing I had a feeling.

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He starts talking to me about our three years together and our marriage and begins to pop the big question… but realizes he doesn’t have the ring in his hand and it’s still in his SOCK… YES! He put the ring in his sock!! hahahah! I instantly cracked up about it and made the mood even lighter. I loved it!

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I was still a little shocked that it happened so early and was just so happy to have him ask!

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But I forgot to answer him. He then said, “I still need an answer!” & That’s when I shouted out, “YES!!!” with lots of laughing! We then hugged for a while and that’s when the eyes started to water.

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After our big moment, Jaime says to me, “All this planning was all because of this proposal!!” All year long she made it seem like it REALLY was just for the styled shoot and for her portfolio… AH! Still so so thankful they did all this planning for such an epic proposal! So, instead of a “styled shoot,” it was an engagement session!

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